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  • "In favorite chocolate bar is chocolate specialty store of concept with heart design of the day to enjoy cocktail in bar".
    If, on happy day, there is chocolate snuggling up to everyday mind design to swing on day when we might be sad…
    It is brand of chocolate which was born in such thought.
    A feeling of chocolate bar slightly large size of flavor reflecting the image of cocktail. You stuff your mouth with all one's might to take cocktail, and please enjoy.

    A chocolate specialty store with the concept of "you can choose your favorite chocolate bar with the feeling of the day, just like having a cocktail at the bar.” I wish I had a chocolate that would snuggle with the daily swaying feeling, such as a day when I was happy and a day when I was sad ...It’s a chocolate brand born with such thoughts.

    OPEN: Monday, February 17
    Floor: B2F

  • It is modern and finishes universal item that wardrobe cannot miss premium dailyware in concept to Collection with refined classy feeling by good-quality material by innovative approach and well-thought shape, arrangement of exquisite detail. With good comfort that can be relaxed and thymeless style, we continue attracting people beyond generation of the world as standard brand on behalf of Italy.

    With the concept of premium daily wear, universal items that are indispensable to the wardrobe are modern and sophisticated with an arrangement by high-quality materials and calculated shapes and exquisite details by an innovative approach. With its relaxed comfort and timeless style, it has been fascinating people from all over the world as a represent Italian brand.

    OPEN: Wednesday, February 5
    Floor: 3F

  • One article of gem that smiles overflow as for the bracken rice cake which long-established store of bean-jam cake ray more than 150 years creates in founding 1868 unintentionally at small moment when we ate. Texture that bracken rice cake made with book having you fully cover with Tamba black soybean soybean flour does plumply, and melting is smooth. We can enjoy original bracken rice cake Japanese confectionery to appear every seasons such as bracken rice cake having just finished cutting in GINZA SIX shop or bracken rice cake steamed bun, ichigo daifuku. We will send Japanese confectionery culture of tradition of more than 150 years to the world from GINZA SIX.

    OPEN: Sunday, February 2
    Floor: B2F

  • We think about combination of new materials every day, and "Tokyo milk cheese factory" is doing factory full of originality to provide surprise and delicious cake in concept. When you found shop near, you drop in, and please find favorite cake.

    OPEN: Saturday, February 1
    Floor: B2F

  • We were born as cake shop of Otaru, Hokkaido in 1998 and always came in pursuit of taste and newness that were beyond imagination. Above all, it was product loved through Hokkaido food fair that bought quite popular cheesecake "Doe bulldog Fromage" since the release in Hokkaido, and was held in not only customer of request but also mail order or department stores of the whole country by customers of the whole country.

    OPEN: Saturday, February 1
    Floor: B2F

  • "Piaget" which was founded in village of Jura of Switzerland, la coat ofe in 1874. Maison which started production of thin movement in the 1920s gets high evaluation in the jewelry production that assumed gold and platinum main again.
    Boutique based on white, gold, blue realizes space luxury brightly that reflected vivid view of the world of "Sunny Side of Life".

    Established in 1874 in La Cote aux Fees in Switzerland, Piaget is known for a manufacturer of a watch movement and started to make "ultra-thin" movement since 1920's. The Maison is also known for making elaborate and exquisite jewellery. The boutique shows “Sunny side of life” spirit using white, gold and blue colors. We hope the guests to enjoy our watches and jewelries in a bright and luxurious space.

    OPEN: Monday, January 20
    Floor: 1F



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