Sep 22
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  • BALMAIN which continues pulling fashion world as brand which adds grammar ras and street detail to Elegance which is tradition of maison since foundation of 1945, and expresses view of the world of the one and only.
    We develop Collection to men's women in winter including thymeless standard line at this store in the autumn of 2020.
    Please enjoy good craftsman ship and original creation that can be realized only to BALMAIN.

    Since its founding in 1945, Balmain has been a leader in global fashion, adding glamour and street details to the tradition of elegance. This store will feature the Fall/Winter 2020 collection for both men and women, including the essential line. We hope you will enjoy our craftsmanship and creations that only Balmain can realize.

    OPEN: Wednesday, September 16
    Floor: 2F

  • It is select Shops of premium design audio systems such as TRANSPARENT SOUND, Tivoli Audio.
    "Mistake is so in a relaxed mood" and we find out premium thing in niche affecting sound that selected carefully from all over the world and tell o theme about various charm such as design or not only height of functionality but also origin or BACKBONE. We have you find favorite audio system which oneself had and will help the making of environment to have you listen to sound loving relaxedly and spend.

    OPEN: Sunday, September 6
    Floor: 2F

  • Wind and flavor, fruit and nut of seasonal blessing which forest has. Power to heal people overflows in forest.
    Such forest baked confectioneries and confiture that we drink, and patissier makes up with thought that we want to send silverberry to through Western confectionery carefully one by one.
    Please have deluxe Western confectionery that patissier of two squirrels gathers wisdom of the world deeply in blue forest and builds up that silver tree spreads by all means.

    The forest – the breeze, the smell, the fruits and nuts that grows on trees- has full of healing power. Our two little Pastry chefs –squirrel “Ches” and “Nuts” - would like to give out these forest’s healing powers within our sweets which each and one of them is neatly baked. Please enjoy our originally baked goods, where can only be found in our “blue forest”.

    OPEN: Wednesday, September 2
    Floor: B2F

  • Brand "ELEVENTY" which is diversity without being bound by culture called custom is for a limited time and will appear in GINZA SIX.
    Collection which was particular about made in Italy draws charm of person wearing using minimal design pattern and material which trimmed extra detail to the maximum.

    OPEN: Wednesday, August 26
    Floor: 4F

  • "WACOAL MAISON" is lingerie store which was born from thought to want you to make time to choose coziness and lingerie which customer wants to live in rich one making wakuwaku and heart excited.
    Try-on experience, we can enjoy selection of underwear again until we go to assent in extensive fitting room while receiving professional advice based on detailed data with 3D body scanner.

    OPEN: Wednesday, August 26
    Floor: 4F



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