Oct 26
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  • We sell pineapple cake which is pronoun of sunny Hills and apple cake using Jonathan apple apple from Aomori. Pineapple cake clogged up with sweet-sour pineapple from Taiwan closely and apple cake which shut in Jonathan apple apple same acidity and sweetness. Too many thing including preservatives and fragrance offers simple cake which we made to make use of sweetness and acidity, texture of material itself both without adding at all.

    Pineapple Cake, the signature product of SunnyHills and Apple Cake made with freshly harvested Kogyoku apple from Aomori prefecture will be available for sale. Pineapple Cake is chock filled with fillings made of Taiwan’s fibrous, sweet and tart earth-pineapple, and Apple Cake is made using the original process that enables us to lock in the tartness and texture of the Kogyoku apples. Both cakes are simple cakes made without adding any extra preservatives or flavorings, carefully crafted to bring out the true characteristics of the ingredients themselves.

    OPEN: Saturday, October 31
    Floor: B2F

  • Well-established brand founded in 1797, Shops of Johnston of ELLE cancer for a limited time.
    Popular cashmere large size stole offers 60 or more kinds of color variations. In addition, it is at valuable opportunity when gift to important person can see Collection such as fashion accessories such as most suitable knit Grove or socks, wear or outer of men's & uimenzu with charm that good-quality, is thymeless.

    OPEN: Wednesday, October 28
    Floor: 4F

  • It is Kyoto cotton candy specialty store of elegant taste that zarame -gourmet cotton candy- has topping of raw materials which we developed originally mainly on domestic material from Kyoto to base, and was made. As well as prettiness of appearance, please enjoy various cotton candy that feelings to full-scale taste and rare tastes line up according to "gourmet cotton candy" of subname by all means.

    zarame -gourmet cotton candy- is a cotton candy specialty shop. We use an original sugar base which can be combined which toppings which are sourced from around Kyoto and nationwide. As the title -gourmet cotton candy- suggests, not only is it cute in its appearance, you can enjoy the delectable cotton candy with its wide variety of unusual flavor offerings.

    OPEN: Monday, October 26
    Floor: B2F

  • Coat primary occupation brand "SANYOCOAT" with history more than 70 years sends "culture that seems to be Japanese who it is said, and uses thing carefully for a long time" through item called coat to keyword with "tradition and innovation" "genuine article" "made in Japan".

    Toward court loved for a long time, we finish by smooth manufacturing that there is carefully simply because coat is straight and continued.

    OPEN: Tuesday, October 20
    Floor: 4F



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