Mayay 07
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  • An organic lifestyle supermarket from Paris with the theme of "Organic every day". "Fresh fresh food" and "A selection of products that can be used daily" are popular, and more than 140 stores are operating in Europe. In addition to organic vegetables, direct imported products such as the popular vegetable milk "Isorabio", there are also many popular weighing corners such as dried fruits, nuts and granora. Have fun shopping experience as if you were in Paris.

    An organic lifestyle supermarket from Paris that offers a wide range of products to bring the organic to everyday life. With over 140 stores in Europe, Bio c' Bon is popular for its fresh produce and selection of products for daily use. They stock organic vegetables, popular plant based milk "Isola Bio," and other directly imported goods as well as a wide variety of items such as dried fruits, nuts, and granola sold by weight. Enjoy shopping as if you were in Paris.

    OPEN: 4/29 (Thursday/holiday)
    Floor: B2F

  • Kageyamaro is a shop that has two pillars of fukahire cuisine and ramen, which is handled by chef Kenichi Kageyama, who has a head office in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. "We must provide a memorable taste to visit us," he said. The GINZA SIX store is the first store in Kageyamaro, mainly composed of "Fukahire". Fukahire noodles and rice are also available for take-out. We also offer exquisite sweets that will be appreciated as souvenirs.

    Chef Kenichi Kageyama, whose main restaurant is in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, has created a restaurant that focuses on shark fin cuisine and ramen. He continues to pursue great taste: "I aim to provide a memorable taste to encourage diners to return.” The GINZA SIX store is the first Kageyama restaurant to focus on shark fin. In addition to dine-in, the restaurant also sells bento-boxed meals.

    OPEN: Tuesday, April 27
    Floor: B2F

  • Ladule created the history of Dior, a leading French luxury brand, and Salon de T in Paris. Through the collaboration of these two maisons, you can enjoy a variety of gastronomy that can only be enjoyed here, such as dishes and desserts specially devised by the chef of Ladule for cafe dior, in a luxurious space with dior tableware.

    Dior, French luxury brand and Ladurée, the history of Parisian tea rooms. Through the collaboration between these two “maisons”, you can enjoy the dishes and desserts created exclusively for this café by the Ladurée chef, served with Dior’s tableware in this luxurious space.

    OPEN: Thursday, April 22
    Floor: B1F

  • It looks smooth but the contents are cake! ?
    A rice ball-shaped cake made by using crepe as laver and sandwiching cream from each flavor with a sponge. New sense communication sweets with a cumulative total of over 1 million pieces.
    Baked confectionery brand _sign. designed to make women want to pick it up unintentionally. The baked confectionery made with all my heart will surely make your daily life a little special. Use as a reward for yourself and as a gift for an important person.

    It looks like a rice ball, but the contents are a cake!? A rice ball-shaped cake in which crepes are like seaweed and cream of each flavor is sandwiched with a sponge. A total of over 1 million new communication sweets. A baked confectionery brand _sign. With a design that makes women want to pick it up. The baked sweets made with all your heart will surely make your daily life a little special. As a reward for yourself or as a gift for your loved one.

    OPEN: Saturday, April 17
    Floor: B2F

  • We are "Kananukiya"
    It's our job to make sweets and line them. If the most fun finish was made into the customer's "one effort", it became not only delicious but also fun sweets with experience. It is a playful baum with a cut and print of pandas and Kintaro pandas with seasonal bouquets on the top fondant cliff. Please take this product while cutting.

    OPEN: Saturday, April 17
    Floor: B2F

  • Macapresso is a dessert cafe with macaroon and drinks. More than 14 kinds of macaroons have a variety of menus and discrimination, and new menus are released continuously every season. Macapresso offers a variety of drinks so that you can enjoy macaroons and drinks at the same time, as well as flapecino drinks with our most popular mini macaroon.

    One of Japan's leading macaron cafes. Macapresso is a dessert cafe combining macarons and drinks. With more than 14 types of macaron, the menu is diverse and differentiated, and new items are released each season. In addition to our most popular Frappuccino drink with mini macarons, Macapresso also offers a variety of drinks to enjoy with macarons.

    OPEN: Friday, April 16
    Floor: B2F

  • A blissful moment to enjoy roses. We will deliver delicious sweets that use richly environmentally friendly fresh edible roses from Japan.

    OPEN: Friday, April 16
    Floor: B2F


  • A moment to go through the precise possibilities of being assembled, explore and touch the meaning. After passing through the arch, a home that fosters identity. The most important place affecting Julian Bedel. It was a South American house where he grew up. Going through the FUEGUIA 1833 house is to guide you to experience your identity. I imagined a house to spend a special time exploring myself that I still have.

    Spend time to explore and touch the true meaning of the meticulously curated possibilities. The archway leads to a home where identity is nurtured. The source of inspiration is Argentina, where founder Julian Bedel was born and grew up. FUEGUIA 1833 is an experience leading to realization of one's identity. The concept is a house where visitors take time to explore their true, undiscovered selves.

    Pre-Open: Friday, April 16
    Grand Open: Saturday, April 17
    Floor: 3F

  • Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world's leading luxury brands that has a high reputation for creativity, innovation, and Italian traditional Kraftsmanship. In a space where creative expressions stand out, we have a unique watch and jewelry that combines Gucci's eye-catching motif, contemporary details, and high-quality materials.

    Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is a world-leading luxury brand with a reputation for creativity, innovation, and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Gucci offers an unparalleled selection of watches and jewelry that combine iconic motifs, contemporary details, and fine materials, in a setting marked by creative expression.

    OPEN: Monday, April 12
    Floor: 2F

  • In 1916, an aodecolon "Koronia" was born in a small workshop in Palma, Italy. The quality of the carefully selected fragrances and all handmade products made by craftsmen by the true craftmanship is a symbol of Italian elegance. Aqua Dipalma is a unique lifestyle brand that is not just a fragrance brand. The secret is always moving forward toward the future while keeping DNA as it is. In Europe and the United States, we would like to tell more customers the real history of this brand, which boasts an overwhelming presence for more than 100 years, the products that continue to evolve, and the brightness of the Italian sun emitted by the brand color Yellow. Experience the world view of the brand and Italian essence with the first boutique in Japan.

    In 1916, the eau de cologne "Colonia" was born in a small workshop in Parma, Italy. The brand is characterized by the reliable quality of its carefully selected fragrances and the true craftsmanship of its products, which are all handmade by Italian artisans. At our first boutique in Japan, please experience a unique and sophisticated lifestyle that transcends a fragrance brand.

    OPEN: Monday, April 12
    Floor: B1F

  • La Bootique Gaerlain is a boutique that embodies all of the geran. We have product lineups and limited / advanced products that are not available at other stores, and there are also services such as engraving services, gift services, and various consulting services. It is a store where you can experience proposals and services tailored to various lifestyles.

    La Boutique Guerlain is the embodiment of everything Guerlain—offering a range of products not available at other stores, as well as limited edition and pre-release products, and a full range of services such as engraving, gift-wrapping and consultation. This is a store where you can experience proposals and services tailored to diverse lifestyles.

    OPEN: Monday, April 12
    Floor: B1F



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