Only as for the thing that flavor developed in Paris ahead of the world by Mr. Arthur bejjuman is the highest grade full of originality. High quality is recognized, and it is admitted that they win "gold medal" of tea section in most authoritative gourmet magazine "LE GUIDE DES GOURMANS" in France widely both in name and in reality, and even five star Hotel or first rank restaurant of Paris are adopted a lot now.

In addition to highest grade rah-rah bird tea, we sell the Japanese first vanilla or soft serve of fragrance tea using Rose.

Mr. Arthur Betjeman created the best fragrance tea in Paris that is a brand of excellence tinged with originality. Betjeman & Barton's tea awarded gold titled in “LE GUIDE DES GOURMANS,” the most prestigious gourmet magazine in France, and offers their tea to five starred Hotels and first-rate restaurants.

In addition to the finest fragrance tea leaf, we will also sell the soft serve ice cream of fragrance tea using vanilla and rose,etc.

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