Vinegar shop "Shoubunsu Vinegar Brewery" lasting 300 years in place of Fukuoka, Okawa. We make vinegar with the manufacturing method of transmission from father to son written down in secret book while snuggling up to flow of nature. Vinegar to spend time for fermentation, aging, and to make carefully is mellow clearly.

Premium vinegar which selected carefully with raw materials, design debuts newly, too. Side dish, pickles, delicious south Seki inari of vinegar meal which we finished with kuro vinegar, vinegar itsu which did collaboration with Japan's busiest patissier Kazuo Noguchi were completed.

Shoubunsu has been producing vinegar for over 300 years. Relying on a secret recipe of natural ingredients, the brewers carefully ferment and age the vinegar to produce a refreshing, mellow taste.

Our premium vinegar products have a new look. In addition to side dishes and pickles, a selection of sweets made in collaboration with renowned pastry chef Kazuo Noguchi is also now available.

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