Willow oak show Suehiro Ann

By the knee cause of Kawasakidaishi, we were particular about material, the manufacturing method and were devoted every day.
We arrived at Japanese old cake which "bare", drew benefit to body in o thing that we investigated. Delicacy, a certain nourishment easy taste provide happiness.

Founding 65. SUEHIROAN of folding fan to tie border to with cake is the Tokyo first to go out shop. Ginza limitation product "straight Great Teacher prayer rice cake" saws soybean of self roast in stone mill at store and it is fragrant and attaches rich genuine soybean flour and sends.

Located near Kawasaki Daishi, Kashisho Suehiroan has worked daily with a passionate focus on ingredients and production methods.
With a strong focus on essential ingredients from ancient Japan, we’ve developed flavorful and nutritious Japanese sweets that delight the palate and benefit your health.

Forming happy relationships between people with its sweets, Kashisho Suehiroan has operated for 65 years. This location marks its first Tokyo store. The Fresh Daishi Prayer Rice Cake, a product designed exclusively for the Ginza location, is offered with fragrant authentic soybean flour made by grinding home-roasted soybeans in the store with a millstone.

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