It is founded in 1984. Main store restaurant which saw Mount Fuji in front, and was built in the seashore. Roast pudding with beaker with Philip mer low of detective story as motif is noted product loved by founding.

We provide cityscape of old Ginza and gluten Flea cake of almond poodle 100% using grilled with beaker pudding of appearance design and material selected carefully of GINZA SIX as opening product.

Marlowe was established in 1984, with a main restaurant located on the coast to provide a commanding view of Mount Fuji. One popular product since the opening of the store has been baked pudding desserts placed in beaker containers that bear a motif of detective Phillip Marlowe from the classic Raymond Chandler novels.

As an item to celebrate the opening of GINZA SIX, Marlowe is offering a baked pudding poured into a beaker bearing a motif of the old Ginza cityscape as well as the GINZA SIX exterior. It will also sell a gluten-free, 100% almond powder cake made from carefully selected ingredients.

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