BEAUTY TERRACE GINZA -DRESS CIRCLE- Beauty Terraced Ginza~ Dress Circle~

Guide the world's cutting-edge beauty content to the special seats of unique beauty and health by improving the Japanese style and hospitality. That's the beauty terrace Ginza-DRESS CIRCLE-

Exercise menus such as NY aerial exercise "Silk suspension", state-of-the-art VR exercise, and popular systemic EMS "XBody" in Europe, centered on Japan's pressurized beauty, and collaboration with Romanian National Institute of Aging Science (INGG) Collaboration with aging care esthetics, musal releases, and aesthetic menus such as pelvis and small face!
In addition, you can experience new beauty and health services and product models that combine all beauty content around the world, such as the world's first terrorist aging care cosmetics "Deffytime" series and unique healthcare products such as enzymes and stem cells.

We offer the world’s latest beauty treatments refined in the Japanese style and warmly invite you to try our unique beauty and health seats. Welcome to Beauty Terrace Ginza: Dress Circle.

Based on Japanese “pressurization beauty,” we offer an extensive exercise menu including the silk suspension aerial exercise from New York, cutting-edge VR exercise, and the full-body EMS X Body exercises that are currently sensations in Europe. We also offer an aging-care esthetic and myofascial release program and other esthetic treatments targeting the pelvis, as well as those to achieve more petite faces, developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Romania.
On the product front, we’re the world’s first to offer Defytime telomere-based aging care cosmetics. Alongside unique healthcare products like enzymes and stem cells, we invite you to experience the unique fusion of new health, beauty services, and products incorporating a full range of beauty ingredients and techniques from around the world.

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