AbHerï Ginza store

AbHerï <aberi> is jewelry brand of dispatch in Japan. Because all designers serve as craftsman in AbHerï, we can have you feel thorough feelings to the details and trace of handwork.

Concept image of Ginza store "art museum." We only put the body in the space, and, in shop where Gokan is stimulated, fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry such as discerning art peace that we pull and built up line up.

AbHerї is a Japan-oriented jewelry brand. At AbHerї, all of our designers are also artisans. You will find a high level of craftsmanship in the detail.

The concept of the shop comes from the inspiration of “the art museum”.All of your senses will be stimulated once you put yourself into the space.Both fashion and bridal jewelries are placed as masterpieces that our designers and artisans made.

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