Luxury brand on behalf of the U.K. founded in 1924. We brought about water-repellent processing technique by wakkusudokotton and became one of the well-known brands. We add modern interpretation while being traditional and suggest refined style.

Store proud of maximum sales floor area as first Japanese flagship shop. Collection of men's & women is presented by classic modern tenso designed in the latest concept. We suggest view of the world of BELSTAFF by total to product from basic goods in season.

Founded in 1924, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire England, with the innovation of the first water resistant wax cotton, Belstaff quickly became embraced by a group relishing the freedom and daring that the fabrics allowed.

Belstaff Ginza Six Store is opened as the first flag ship store in Japan with largest floor scale collecting full lineup of Men’s and Women’s products. The whole atmosphere express its spirit of adventure since its birth in 1924.

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