By Marlene Building garfish

By Marlene Building garfish is "afotaburu luxury brand" from Copenhagen providing "luxury to reach of the hand" to women with modern mind of the world. It becomes Shops of new concept to give security while being elegant. It is Collection which caught inspire for warm, refreshing climate of the West Coast in the summer in the spring of 2017 when we featured the theme of "LA WOMAN".

By Malene Birger is an international premium luxury brand followed by thousands of modern-minded consumers worldwide. By Malene Birger has a wide distribution in more than 40 countries worldwide being available in multibrand and freestanding stores as well as online.

By Malene Birger is offering affordable luxury with an artistic angle to contemporary classics created with love. The hallmarks of the brand may be its clean lines, sharp tailoring and bold details, but what really makes it resonate with women everywhere is the fact that the pieces are so easy-to-wear while still looking modern and relevant.

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