parigo is Shops which can sense designer of high evaluation and the highest fashion of the world bodily from the world in various places expecting charm that seems to be oneself from age reply centering on hospitality polished more than 90 years since the formation in 1925.

Ultimate denim accumulation "LeDENIM" only in parigo purchasing 300 regular brands "limited collaboration" of Japanese designer of global assessment, "PARIGOT" by overseas maison experience designer provides Paris in chic polish space.

Est. 1925, select boutique Parigot is for all who enjoy the finest timeless fashions. We seek the most sought-after brands and designers, in Japan and in the world. For you.

Only at G6 Parigot: collaborations with top Japanese designers; our own head-turning Parigot originals; the ultimate denim collection, carefully assembled from our 400 brands, “LeDenim.”

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