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We spend deep time and it goes without feelings and performs costarring with domestic and foreign Aristrist without forgiving compromise in all clothes, picture, music, the space. Special Collection which was limited which is constructed by supreme material which there is in all the countries of the world, beautiful material.

You announce limited item only in Ginza irregularly, and please thoroughly enjoy session with historical brand. Special product had the handling of only in GINZA SIX shop is had lineup of at the time of opening by limited production.

The store features uncompromising joint creations by Japanese and overseas artists in the spheres of clothing, video, music, and space, all of which are curated with time and care. The store offers a special limited collection made from superior materials and beautiful fabrics selected from countries around the world.

Please note that we announce limited-edition items available only at the Ginza location on a case-by-case basis. We invite you to take full advantage of a session with this historic brand. The lineup includes special products of limited production runs offered exclusively for the opening of the GINZA SIX location.

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