"SJX" which suggests luxury only for "oneself" for adult who advocates "Made for Guilty Pleasure" in concept, and knows genuine good point, and has sense of fun. Unique form which hand of craftsman builds up, finish that feelings shine in delicacy, unique gimmick. It is attracted only here by thing which there is not, and it is used habitually to much Aristrist, athletes now and gets support as we are repeated from foreigner tourist at the same time. Please expect to a certain luster jewelry that the skill made in Japan charms.

GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. Yasumichi Morita deals with interior design. Order services not to let user knowing amusement of exchanging craftsman ship which is one of the strengths with suggestion that is personal more, and being particular get tired are a lot of plans.

Offering a personalized sense of luxury for adults who understand genuine quality and embrace a sense of playfulness, SJX touts the “Made for Guilty Pleasure” concept: unique forms fashioned by the hands of skilled artisans; finishes that showcase a commitment to fine detail; and unique and playful touches. Today, SJX has won the loyalty of celebrities looking for something exclusive, artists and athletes, and visitors from abroad. Charming jewelry exhibiting made-in-Japan craftsmanship awaits you here.

The interior design was handled by Yasumichi Morita of GLAMOROUS co., ltd. The brand’s strength in craftsmanship has been expanded to include proposals for personalization. Options such as a customer order service will be offered in the future to retain the interest of customers who have come to appreciate SJX’s attention to detail.

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