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  • Jewelry brand which is brought about by jewel of about 50 kinds which we collected from all over the world, creation by woman designer, high technical - Trinity by craftsman of Kofu. We put jewelry which put various jewels together and rare jewel and favorite design together and introduce "semi-order" service, initial jewelry of hand-carving by expert craftsman making one point of jewelry to the world.

    OPEN: Friday, February 26
    Floor: 4F

  • Lifestyle Shops "pasando" where <ne Quittez pas> which fused has curation of craftsmanship of India and modern design. In Shops meaning "we like" in Hindi, wide item including lifestyle miscellaneous goods which are modern, and selected traditional jewelry which Indian queen loved from jewelry, various parts of India of re<UPALA> which we designed is lineup mainly on wear of <ne Quittez pas>. It is space that can surely come across your "we like".

    "Passand" is a lifestyle shop curated by "ne Quittez pas". All items are created by detailed Indian craftmanship with modernized design. In “Pasand”, meaning "favorite" in Hindi language, clothes from “ne Quittez pas” and jewelries from “UPALA” will line up. Inspired from MAHARANI’s (Indian queen) beloved jewelry, “UPALA” is redesigned into modern shapes. Sourced from all over India, broad variety of items will be sold at the store. In “Pasand by ne Quittez pas”, your “favourite” will sure be found.

    OPEN: Friday, February 26
    Floor: 4F

  • Lifestyle Shops which was natural while being luxury, and expressed "modern style" with a feeling of relaxation of Europe. Lineup is doing product of ladies' & men who are konfotaburu with high quality from wear which selected carefully from Europe led by Italy to shoes, accessories, life miscellaneous goods widely.

    A lifestyle store that expresses a modern European style that is luxurious and natural with a relaxed feel. The shop offers a wide range of high quality and comfortable products for women and men, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and household goods carefully selected from Italy and other European countries.

    Renewal: Friday, February 26
    Floor: 4F

  • ReFa is brand suggesting new beauty custom not to get snagged on the cause of vision to "release beauty.", existing frame. We find out joy of unseen beauty that time and place and sex were beyond and widen possibility. We develop product drawing beauty full of life to overflow for vitality that people originally have mainly on born item from concept of "UNITED BEAUTY" putting beauty apparatus and technique of cosmetics together.

    Based on the vision of liberating beauty, ReFa is a brand proposing new beauty habits unconstrained by existing frameworks. ReFa will expand the possibilities of beauty by discovering the joy of beauty beyond time, place, and even gender. We are developing products to bring out a person's natural vitality and vitality, with a focus on items born from the concept of UNITED BEAUTY that combines beauty equipment and cosmetic technology.

    Renewal: Friday, February 26
    Floor: B1F

  • Can feel so for you that "straight fact is beautiful". We exert consideration to skin and the highest technique. We draw than we make up. We polish than we display. Because we are convinced that there is source of beauty in you.

    We want you to feel that you are beautiful just the way you are. We are committed to caring for your skin and using the most advanced technology. We bring out more than we add. Polishing rather than decorating. Because we are convinced beauty is found within you.

    OPEN: Friday, February 19
    Floor: B1F

  • This brand born in district San Mauro Pascoli made with shoes which are the most famous in Italy protects tradition, craftsmanship, know-how brought up more than generation faithfully. After processes 60 or more, one classic pumps are made even today. Shoes of Gianvito Rossi led trendy recurrence to "elegance" "sensuality" "style that transcended the times". Refined design having sexiness attracts women of the world while being modest.

    Born in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy's most famous shoemaking district, the brand has remained faithful to the traditions, craftsmanship and know-how nurtured over generations. Today, more than 60 steps are still required to create a single pair of classic pumps. Gianvito Rossi's shoes have led the trendy return to elegance, sensuality and timeless style. His sophisticated designs, which are both understated and sexy, have attracted women all over the world.

    OPEN: Thursday, February 18
    Floor: 2F

  • LOVE ORGANIC! It is store specializing in organic nuts granola which is particular about the organic subject matter.
    We select carefully with one one ingredient to regard nuts and granola as health food, beauty food, and to get well neatly from the inside of body.
    "Kyoto nuts" of drawing card product put material which organic nuts such as almond and long-established store of Kyoto handle together.
    It is right contest of taste. Please enjoy product that taste of Kyoto and organic nuts became one.

    LOVE ORGANIC! Cocolo Kitchen is a nut and granola specialty store that focuses on organic ingredients. Nuts and granola are a health and beauty food, and Cocolo Kitchen carefully selects each ingredient to make you feel beautiful and healthy from the inside out. Their signature product, "Kyoto Nuts", combines almonds and other organic nuts with other ingredients. Enjoy the taste of nuts with Kyoto flair.

    OPEN: 2/11 Thursday (holiday)
    Floor: B2F

  • French shoes brand which Roberto cle Julie founded in 1981. It was called innovative designer who adopted men's shoes concept to shoes of woman. daviddo turunieru boshieru which dealt with shoes in many maison including "mezommarujiera" "Chloe" "BALENCIAGA" takes office as creative director from September, 2017 and continues evolving by the making of innovative thing while respecting tradition including flat and wedge sole.

    The French brand was founded by Robert Clergerie in 1981. In September 2017, David Tourniaire-Beauciel, who has worked on shoes for Maison Margiela, Chloé, Balenciaga and many other fashion houses, was appointed as creative director and continues to evolve with innovative manufacturing while respecting the tradition of flats and wedge soles.

    OPEN: Wednesday, February 3
    Floor: 2F

  • makapuresso is desert cafe which crossed macaron and drink. We put colourfulness and discrimination characteristics of menu with basic 14 or more kinds of macarons, and new menu is released continuously every season. We provide various drinks to be able to enjoy macaron and drink other than Frappuccino drink with mini-macaron of our restaurant first popularity at the same time in makapuresso.

    Macapresso is a dessert cafe combining macarons and drinks. With more than 14 types of macaron, the menu is diverse and differentiated, and new items are released each season. In addition to our most popular Frappuccino drink with mini macarons, Macapresso also offers a variety of drinks to enjoy with macarons.

    OPEN: Tuesday, February 2
    Floor: B2F

  • Osaka Basho temple of founding 1868 is the Ginza area first to go out shop. One article of gem that smiles overflow as for the bracken rice cake which long-established store of bean-jam cake ray more than 150 years creates unintentionally at small moment when we ate. Texture that bracken rice cake made with book having you fully cover with Tamba black soybean soybean flour does plumply, and melting is smooth. Other than bracken rice cake having just finished cutting in GINZA SIX shop, we can enjoy mochi sweets to appear every bracken rice cake steamed bun, season including ichigo daifuku. We send Japanese confectionery culture of tradition of more than 150 years to the world from GINZA SIX.

    OSAKA BASHODO, founded in 1868, opens its first Ginza store. BASHODO’s years of experience in rice cake confectionery created precious warabimochi that elicit a smile from the first bite. At GINZA SIX, enjoy over 150 years of traditional confectionery culture, with fresh warabimochi, manju, strawberry daifuku, and other seasonal sweets.

    Renewal: Monday, February 1
    Floor: B2F

  • We gathered items which were good to gift which wanted to give a present to people important even every day that it was easy for concept at words "party" of magic that let feeling become exalted in girl. Furthermore, "Flora Notice JILL STUART" joins. It is story of another JILLSTUART, and, praying "to wear vitality and flavor hidden in flower in the body, and to want you to feel sweet happiness." lets sensual charm bloom.

    Based on the concept of party, a magic word that lifts a woman's spirits, we have gathered items perfect for gift-giving to your loved ones even in your ordinary life. Flora Notis JILLSTUART has been added to the collection. "We want you to feel the sweet happiness of wearing the life force and fragrance hidden in flowers." This wish creates another Jill Stuart story, blooming with a sensual charm.

    Renewal: Saturday, January 30
    Floor: B1F



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