Sep 21
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  • We use bright-collar and digital print boldly, and MSGM (emuesujiemu) expressing aesthetics of brand meets brand the tenth anniversary of the foundation this year.
    We open new concept store where men's women, kids' full Collection are prepared in this year of year in such an anniversary.

    MSGM, with artistic expressions of the digital world and a kaleidoscope of colours, celebrates 10th Anniversary of brand. In the year, MSGM open a store with new concept by introducing Women, Men and Kids.

    OPEN: Thursday, September 12
    Floor: 3F

  • pasutitchieria "COVA" with Milan outstanding history founded in 1817 boasts of superior product and service, elegant space, craftsmanship and creativity. You can utilize including basic espresso and cappuccino in cafe to lunch and Afternoon Tea, aperitibo in every time. In addition, panettone of recipe gift collection of chocolate-boxes is enriched particularly to reach from the 19th century is symbolic existence of Christmas.

    Founded in 1817, Cova is one of Milan's oldest pasticceria and cafes, welcoming guests with their signature pastries, coffee, iconic panettone and aperitivos in bespoke interiors. Cova offers various opportunities with signature espresso and cappuccino, from lunch time to an aperitivo via tea time to enjoy series of fresh cakes including original sacher torte and tasty mimosa. Furthermore, Cova offers the gift collection of Chocolate with refined package, jarred collection, Coffee and Teas. Expressly Cova panettone is the quintessence of the Milanese festive season and symbol of the convivial art of eating together. Jealously guarded since the beginning of the 19th century, Cova Panettone’s recipe has been passed secretly from generation to generation. Made by hand using superior natural ingredients, this rich sweet bread boasts a classic golden hue.

    OPEN: Thursday, September 12
    Floor: 3F

  • Ladies' apparel brand "forte forte" of dispatch in Italy.
    Brother of Paolo forte of older brother who learned experienced jiada forte and business of design in various cities makes full use of material of deluxe Made in Italy, craftsman ship and announces sensitive, feminine Collection which is not kept in the times.
    Boutique which GINZA SIX shop is Asia, and becomes naive. As you sell GINZA SIX-limited item, please drop in.

    “forte_forte” is the Italian ladies fashion brand. Giada & Paolo Forte launched the brand after different experiences in Italy and abroad. It's a collection of timeless , feminine and delicate pieces, produced with the finest Italian fabrics enriched with special finishes and precious hand-made details. GINZA SIX boutique is the first store in Asia. There will be also GINZA SIX exclusive items. Please enjoy the world of forte_forte.

    OPEN: Friday, September 6
    Floor: 3F

  • Traditional weather wear releases Collection letting British tradition and the present feeling feel mainly on outerwear with brand of British Mackintosh Corporation which started from rubberized coat in 1974 now.

    Traditional Weatherwear was launched in 1974 by MACKINTOSH which originated to produce rubberized outerwear. Today Traditional Weatherwear is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand known for its signature quality outerwear, uniting British heritage with casual design.

    OPEN: Friday, August 30
    Floor: 5F

  • ReFa is brand suggesting new beauty custom not to get snagged on the cause of vision to "release beauty.", existing frame. We find out joy of unseen beauty that time and place and sex were beyond and widen possibility. We develop product drawing beauty full of life to overflow for vitality that the person originally has mainly on item which came out of concept of "UNITED BEAUTY" putting beauty apparatus and technique of cosmetics together.

    ReFa envisions Beauty Liberation as the introduction of a new beauty routine that exceeds conventional skincare approaches with truly revolutionary products. Our concept of United Beauty combines beauty devices with cutting-edge technology and skincare products in order to generate excitement among all ages and genders. As a brand, we are promising an unprecedented experience that reawakens the beauty pulsating through every inch of your body.

    OPEN: Friday, August 30
    Floor: B1F



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