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GINZA SIX retail management

J.The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store which is the core company of front retailing group,Three companies of L kyatarutonriaruesuteto and SUMITOMO Corporation establish GINZA SIX retail management by co-funding and perform administration all areas of our operation in commercial facilities of GINZA SIX.

The About Us details

Business name GINZA SIX retail management
Business outline Administration, management of GINZA SIX commercial facilities
Tenant Lee thing
Overall tenant management
Service promotion plan, administration
Planning, accomplishment of facility management plan
Overall general affairs, purchasing management
Establishment day February 2, 2015
Capital 25 million yen
Investor The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store,
L kyatarutonriaruesuteto, SUMITOMO Corporation
Representative director Mikito Takehara
Possession qualification Residential land building transactions business Tokyo Governor (2) No. 97612
The location 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 7F
J. Front retailing

J.Front retailing
The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store

As company which assumes retail core business, we make use of resource in marketing, product, know-how such as services and JFR group and it is independent and is concerned from planning.

L kyatarutonriaruesuteto

L kyatarutonriaruesuteto

It is member of L Catterton by global real estate investment, developer to assume LVMH group sponsor. We make efforts in mixed use development project mainly on luxury retail and contribute to this project with specialty of Commercial Development which is Aiko Nic.

SUMITOMO Corporation

SUMITOMO Corporation

In addition to development of commercial facilities of redevelopment or terrace mall Shonan such as Harumi island triton squares, we utilize the results and know-how of various real estate business in home and abroad such as building business and house business.

Process of redevelopment business

GINZA SIX is the finished Ginza area's greatest commercial complex by large-scale city area redevelopment business to arrange 2 blocks of block including Matsuzakaya Ginza ruins and adjacent block integrally. By changing ward way running between 2 blocks in Mihara Street, bring about new big block of about 9.080 square meters of plottage, other than large-scale commercial facilities, office, cultural exchange facility at the time of the bus getting on and off place and rooftop garden, disaster is hard to come home, and maintain person acceptance environment, and contribute to local convenience and comfort, improvement in disaster prevention function.

District name 6-10, Ginza district (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Business technique First-class city area redevelopment business
Enforcer 6-10, Ginza district city area redevelopment association
Union membership 15 people
The location 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Facility building summary
  • — The enforcement area area
  • About 1.4ha
  • — Use
  • Store, office, culture, interchange facility, district heating and cooling facility, parking lot
  • — Plottage
  • About 9,080㎡
  • — Number of floors
  • 6 stories under ground and 13 stories above ground
  • — The height of the building
  • About 56m
  • — Deferred floor space
  • About 148,700㎡
  • — Structure
  • Steel-frame building, steel reinforced concrete construction, steel frame steel reinforced concrete construction
Design 6, Ginza district city area redevelopment plan design community
(KAJIMA CORPORATION, Taniguchi architecture design research institute)
Exterior design unification Taniguchi architecture design research institute Yoshio Taniguchi
Maintenance such as public facilities
  • Maintenance of the getting on and off space such as sightseeing buses
    ※We maintain ward way in area in commonland which is enacted by getting change from Mihara Street
  • Underground passage maintenance under "Azuma street"
  • Maintenance, others of rooftop garden

Chronological table

February, 2003 We organize 6, Ginza district town planning meeting and start examination
April, 2010 6, Ginza district city area redevelopment preparations association establishment
December, 2011 City planning decision
December, 2012 6-10, Ginza district city area redevelopment association establishment, the business authorization
June, 2013 The right conversion plan authorization
July, 2013 Existing building dismantling construction start
April, 2014 The body building construction start of construction
The end of January, 2017 The body building completion
April 20, 2017 The commercial facilities opening of business

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