• Naruhito Yoshioka

    << Prismatic Cloud >>

    2F center colonnade

    2020.2.27 -2020.10 place in the moonlight season (plan)

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Aristrist Naruhito Yoshioka that poetic, magnificent work which moves into action in art, design, the domain of building, and featured the theme of nature is evaluated in the world. This installation to transcend sense is light-sculpture reflecting the image of huge cloud.

Naruhito Yoshioka

Aristrist. It was born in 1967. We learn design with Shiro Kuramata, Issei Miyake and establish Naruhito Yoshioka design office in 2000. It moves into action in design, building, the domain of contemporary art, and poetic work is evaluated globally. There is, and, in masterpiece, tea-ceremony room "light hermitage" of glass deals with design of the sacred-fire relay blowtorch by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics chair "VENUS" of crystal construction of crystal PRISM "church of rainbow" including bench "Water Block" of glass which permanent exhibition is shown in in Musee d'Orsay. Work is possessed permanently in Museum of Modern Art, Musee national d'Art moderne others, world main art museums. We win prize for design, the recommendation of art Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology rookie of the year title, Design Miami/Designer of the Year, international prize including Milano Design Award blue ribbon a lot every day. We are elected by "Japanese 100 people whom the world respects" with American Newsweek.

We appoint Mr. Finnish Aristrist Klaus hapaniemi and develop promotion titled "public holidays and festival days - of the sea of Celebration of Life - star". We develop the world of work "Astral Sea" (the astral sea) drawn on the stage of space in GINZA SIX, and it blows through the center, and Lightning Whales (lightning hoeru) taking a trip to space across space-time comes up in space.

Klaus Haapaniemi

Born in 1970 in Helsinki, Finland, Klaus Haapaniemi was influenced by the natural and traditional beauty of his native land. His work embodies a unique perspective, style, and feel, a fusion of fantasy and realism. In addition to the creative development of his original artworks, he has collaborated with a range of companies, including Iittala and Established & Sons. In 2015, he designed the costumes and stage decorations for the Finnish National Opera. In 2019, Kadokawa published the first collection of his works, Klaus Haapaniemi~ Yume no Fukei.

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Six ships leave "the sea of memory" of Ginza that accomplished revival through many difficulties after the war, and this work which six ships which become up to 5 meters in total length under the theme of << six ships >> blow through the center, and decorated space expresses state to advance.

Chiharu Shiota

1972, Osaka birth. We are living in Berlin. 2008, winning the recommendation of art Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology rookie of the year title. Other than private exhibitions such as South Australia art museum (2018), Yorkshire sculpture park (2018), Smithsonian Museum Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (2014), Museum of Art, Kochi (2013), Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (2012), the National Museum of Art (Osaka, 2008), it is participation for Sydney Biennale (2016), Kiev international contemporary art Biennale (2012), display including international exhibition including Yokohama Triennale (2001) with or more 250 exhibition in world about 35 countries until now. It is Representative Motodate on the 56th be nechia Biennale international art exhibition day in 2015. We are going to hold private exhibition becoming the largest in the past in Mori Art Museum in June, 2019.

Photo: Ken Kato

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    Nicolas Buffe

    Fantastic Gift: The Story of the Kingdom of Winter and the Kingdom of Summer

    2F center colonnade

    2018.11.12 - 2019.02.20

    Fantastic Gift Story

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It blows through the center for holiday season in 2018, and about 3m in height, "shining elephant" more than 4m in total length emerge in space. Small angel "Putsch" displayed 1 scene of story to carry "elephant which shined" to "winter kingdom" using drone from "summer kingdom".

Nicolas Buffe

Born in Paris, France, in 1978, and relocated to Tokyo in 2007, Nicolas Buffe creates his own unique worlds through a remarkable blending of Japan’s anime culture, an influence since his youth, with American subcultures, based on the background of baroque art, and traditional forms of European culture from the medieval and Renaissance periods. Inspired by the humanist concept of serio ludere, or serious play, his works incorporate visual elements and interactive experiences fused with narrative elements.

It blows through the center of GINZA SIX which reached the first anniversary and displays new item installation that used stripe design of 8.7 centimeters that is trademark of French Aristrist Daniel Buren who developed many works in thigh width all parts of the world more than 50 years for flag in space. Red and work using 1,500 pieces of blue flags in total colored atrium.

Daniel Buren

1938, Paris France birth. Artist. We produce a lot of works of stripe design of 8.7 centimeters of width based on own logic from 1965. The work was developed in picture, sculpture, wall surface, the wide media including building and produced works several thousand points or more so far.

© DB - ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018 G1226

It was for a limited time and displayed big new item installation of vanguard artist Yayoi Kusama to blow, and to play an active part in the cause of the supervision of Mori Art Museum, the world art scene in space to be located in the facility center and heaped up the opening of business. It is Aristrist which the name was known to for Japanese who Yayoi Kusama participates in art scene of New York in the 60s, and continued working lively afterward globally. Important image of work is dot (waterdrop) and net, and pumpkin often comes up for motif again.

Yayoi Kusama

1929, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano birth. We learn Japanese painting in Beaux-Arts and go to the United States alone in 1957. We start activity based in New York, and thereafter the novel expression is praised highly in the world. In 1998, we hold large-scale private exhibition in Japanese for the first time in Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). 2016, the Order of Culture receipt of a decoration.

© YAYOI KUSAMA/Photo: Ken Kato


It is symbol of abundant harvest and done autumn taste grape from place to soak many fruits into a bunch form. Mellow one is deep in fable concerning grape like "fox and grape" of Aesop story as well as flavor and color again; is tasteful. We expressed this story as microcosm in art object of grape person grain. With another window, we came up with the idea of Grimm's Fairy Tales "golden goose" from humorous state of grain of grape which was easy to roll around, and people chose figure which rolled down slope in connected story to goose in sequence, and grain of grape expressed. Please enjoy each story in two places.

Art Director: Yasuko Sato

PUBLIC ART In GINZA SIX, we suggest rich life to be able to come in contact with art close. We develop art program to stimulate sensitivity filled with creative energy and surprising elements by collaboration with Aristrist and creator.

Sculpture which put morning glory, bellflower of Edo-dyed clothe print, chrysanthemums, form of butterfly together. One of the small patterns that Edo-dyed clothe was small to look at a glance like the groundwork, and posted Fumi regularly. Craftsmen compete whether you dig minute print small how for "extravagance ban" that forbade showy kimono announced in the Edo era, and you finish dyeing this and are result that refined the design and are symbol of sense of beauty in the time. ※Writer message "arranges immortal flower to connect time and memory, culture, a person's thought to deposit here earlier from now on."

Shinji Ohmaki

1971, Gifu birth. We announce dynamic installation work and public art which let display space be reborn as the non-daily world, and remind of physical sense of person of appreciation at home and abroad.

Photo: Ken Kato

Under the theme of "paradise and border", we regard the whole space as canvas, and as we constitute using mirror and are described, picture space and reality are works to intersect. Person standing before picture is reflected in picture and is crowded, and person of appreciation becomes the leading role of picture. People and real scenery and the imaginary world that come and go by describing image of aerial paradise which there is in anyone's head in mirror mix, and, in thing, past and present when there is not, ideal and reality turn over that there are two dimensions and three dimensions, and it is to one and brings about expanse and vision of new space. These symbolize that the future is formed by imagination of people.

Misa Funai

It was born in Kyoto for 1,974 years. 2001 University of Tsukuba graduate school art graduate course completion. We exhibit at "Wonderful World" exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in "VOCA exhibition" Ueno Royal Museum, 2014 for 2009.2010 years.

Forms that there is dynamism on the color that picture drawn newly for GINZA SIX floats rootlessly are repeated, and deep very large space spreads by the comparison. It is like opening, and space such as infinity is our unconsciousness, and, as for the created form, it is felt that we dance like a part (consciousness) of thing which we are seen. Picture of bright color in space slightly away from commerce space. People via front of it are invited to pictorial space of Domoto developed by dual structure of unconsciousness and consciousness.

Yuumi Domoto

1960, Paris birth. After Tama Art University picture subject graduation, we are a graduate from Cooper Union art department (New York). In 1990, we participate in domestic and foreign many exhibitions since the first private exhibition in Sagacho ekijibitto space (Tokyo) and are possessed in many art museums.

JTQ Tanikawa follows wall surface (living wall) of about 12m in height in two in LIVING WALL ART building and displays art work making a pair by professional deuce.

  • teamLab

    << Universe of Water Particles on the Living Wall >>

    The living wall Chuo-dori side colonnade

    Size: H11,810 X W1, 920mm
    Specifications: Digital Installation, LED, Endless

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Picture work about waterfall turning state with daily sunset. "We prepare rock into virtual three-dimensional space three-dimensionally and let water fall to the rock. We express water in continuum of particle of innumerable water and calculate interaction between particle. We build waterfall as motion of physical water simulation. And we describe line in random by behavior of particle of 0.1% of water which we chose from particle of overall water on the space. We draw waterfall in aggregate of the line. In other words, there is particle of water of 1,000 times in the backside of innumerable lines, and curve of line is decided by those overall interaction."


Ultra technology strike group which consists of specialist of digital social various fields. Across art, science, technology, border of creativity, it moves into action in concept at collective creation.


  • Patrick Blanc

    << Living Canyon >>

    The living wall Mihara Street side colonnade

    Size: H11,020 X W2, 700mm

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Vertical plane art work without soil of Patrick Blanc original which interlaced various plants which included endemic species to inhabit Japan. According to the work name, we express the deep bottom of the gorge covered from clifftop lighted up by solar light by shadow. The reason why plants inhabit incline of every weather is that each kind completely fits inherent light energy. As for the diversity of plant kind, "creativity" reflects "strategy" "the beauty" of delicate plant kingdom.

Patrick Blanc

1953, Paris birth. Botanist, Aristrist. We deal with many "perpendicular gardens" project under world various environment. For main project one Central Park of Quai Branly Museum and Sydney of Paris, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa "bridge of green."