"Fantastic Gift"
Story ... of ... "winter kingdom" and "summer kingdom"

The Original Story by Nicolas Buffe

  • #1 haughty King

    Once upon a time there were "winter kingdom" and "summer kingdom". "Winter kingdom" is the eleventh lunar month for one year. Crystal of ice shines under the aurora shiningly. King thought that "winter kingdom" was state which was happy most beautifully in the world.

    "Summer kingdom" is midsummer for one year. Green trees grow thick, and various fruit grows. King thought that it was country which was happy whether "summer kingdom" was the richest in the world.

    As there were these two kingdoms in the other side of the earth, We have not kept in each other's country okoreppochimo mind.

  • #Crisis of 2 kingdoms

    In year when a certain cold was severe, princess of "winter kingdom" did not laugh without hearing mouth with King who was father. Both body and heart became cold, and was wrapped up in snow crystal, and princess became lonely. And chills which princess uttered increased day by day, and kingdom froze, and terrible cold spread to approximately half of the earth, but was not stopped to King.

    The same age, prince of "summer kingdom" kept losing their temper without listening to King. When prince is angry, hot flame appears, and flame adds to force when King approaches at the risk of burn. Kingdom has become scorching country at last. Force of heat did not stop, and local temperature approximately half of the earth continued going up rapidly, but King was unable to manage.

  • #Strategy of 3 Putsch

    Small angel living in "spring Republic" and "autumn Republic", Putsch hasaa are great, We were about to lose territory in abnormal weather of two kingdoms. They who were good at that we made special machine with superior technology called "putti technical center" gathered in the two countries and opened meeting and hit on idea to prevent this crisis. It presents "shining elephant" serving King of "summer kingdom" to warm princess of "winter kingdom". Putsch which could go back and forth in remote country freely distantly carried jet pack which could improve airspeed on their back and it was quick and proceeded to "summer kingdom" and we explained distress of "winter kingdom" and granted idea to save crisis to King.

  • #Present of 4 "shining elephant"

    King completely at a loss for heat sympathized with King of "winter kingdom" with similar trouble heartily and talked with "elephant which shined" immediately. "You are big and are gentle and are warm. You go to winter kingdom, and will you warm princess?. Elephant which drooped by heat made up its mind to go for trip with pleasure. Putsch made full use of "Putti Tech" (putti technical center) to send big heavy elephant as soon as possible and made drone which remodeled roof of palace, and carried elephant. We were escorted by Putsch, and we flew in the sky lightly, and elephant which shined arrived at "winter kingdom" in the other side of the earth. As for the people of "winter kingdom" which has not looked at elephant, big; cheered. Elephant which shined soon which took a rest snuggled up to snow crystal which shut in the princess kindly and dissolved ice more and more and touched hand of princess with nose at last and shook hands. Hand of cold princess became warm quickly, and smile returned to princess before long. Severe cold softened, and beautiful winter returned.

  • #The second strategy of 5 Putsch

    Putsch next to King of "winter kingdom," King of "summer kingdom" conveyed idea to save story and it which were not appreciated in intense heat that son had. We present ice cream which it cools mind and body of prince, and is gentle for heart. King who held feeling of thanks in consideration of King of "summer kingdom" which saved crisis of "winter kingdom" handed "national treasure which created coldness, special snow crystal" to Putsch immediately. Putsch built up machine which made ice cream from snow crystal again using "Putti Tech" (putti technical center). We went ahead through the underground in rotating at high peed, and machine equipped with drill on the tip arrived at "summer kingdom" in the other side of the earth in no time to send as soon as possible.

  • #Present of 6 "ice machine"

    Central crystal of machine just arrived It began to shine blue, and, as for the air of the area, cold nyarito became cool, and ice cream was made in sequence. Eat for the first time; was cold, and was sweet, and King of "summer kingdom" was surprised at all at melty ice cream gently. Face of prince who lost his temper so that they caught, and eyes went up melted in a moment, and feeling calmed down when we carried to entrance of prince promptly and regained kind heart, and rich summer when fruit grew on kingdom abundantly came back.

  • #7 epilogues

    Peace visited "spring Republic" and "autumn republic" where Putsch lived in in this way. It is said that partner was handed down as thinking symbol of peace as for this gift given each other in winter in both summer kingdoms for a long time. You think of whom, and what kind of gift do you give? Putsch may whisper idea. Fantastic gift satisfies your heart, and become Christmas to be heartwarming by peace.

Nicolas Buffe

Nicolas Buffe

Born in Paris, France, in 1978, and relocated to Tokyo in 2007, Nicolas Buffe creates his own unique worlds through a remarkable blending of Japan’s anime culture, an influence since his youth, with American subcultures, based on the background of baroque art, and traditional forms of European culture from the medieval and Renaissance periods. Inspired by the humanist concept of serio ludere, or serious play, his works incorporate visual elements and interactive experiences fused with narrative elements.

Photo by ImagenSubliminal
(Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero), 2018