Christmas gift ideas 2017
curated by GINZA SIX magazine

Holiday Season where we came over to in 2017.
When we look back on this year, we rush at the very beginning,
Who is partner who should share smile?

Family and friend who watch even if there is anything
Person who works hard for others than self
Important person who came without being able to finish conveying thought 
Friend who needs power
Person who loses reliance, and is at a loss 
Person who became kind once…

In busy daily life and society
You who are going to more strongly than anyone else shine warmly,
In holy existence that you should light up by the light
Surely we should be able to notice.

We reached first Christmas
Gift & idea of GINZA SIX,
We report warmth to the other party which we recalled
Hope that you lead to time sending heart,
We give this one book.

May your Christmas be golden!


Christmas of GINZA SIX