"Fantastic Gift"
Story ... of ... "winter kingdom" and "summer kingdom"

Nicolas Buffe

Monday, November 12, 2018 - Tuesday, December 25

※It blows through the center and is going to display only art until the end of February, 2019

During period until from Monday, November 12, 2018 to Tuesday, December 25,
Titled "story ... of GINZA SIX CHRISTMAS 2018 "Fantastic Gift" ... "winter kingdom" and "summer kingdom"," we develop Christmas promotion.
We give important person first-class gift and thought in Christmas season,
Please spend fantastic Christmas in GINZA SIX.


Art Works

It blows through the center

In symbolic colonnade space of the GINZA SIX building center, approximately 3m in height, "shining elephant" more than 4m in total length emerge. You can see 1 scene of story that small angel "Putsch" carry "shining elephant" to "winter kingdom" using drone from "summer kingdom".

[whole size] 14.3 meters in total length X 7.7 meters in height

Front entrance

Gate of "summer kingdom" and "winter kingdom" appears in front entrance (two places) facing Ginza Chuo-dori.

7 chome side entrance

4 chome side entrance

Monument which symbolizes that story was inherited for a long time.
All elements of story become one.

Art in hall

Art to express story comes up in various places in hall and can enjoy the view of the world.

[display place] Escalator, pillar in hall


In two shopwindows in foods floor of B2F, it is for act that feeling to yearn for person except oneself carefully gives gift for and bond with person and person becomes warmer. We express message of such a story. You taste story as taste, and please enjoy.

We express the scene creating ice pop of taste that ice machine given summer kingdom varies in sequence. It will be that ice pop which is cold, and makes feel gentle indulgently enslaves prince and the nation of summer kingdom.

We express image that is like opening brightly, and is colorful of summer kingdom to hear from princess image of winter kingdom, and to imagine by fruity, sweet candy.

AR experience type direction

When you download "COCOAR2" application and have you shade with screen of smartphone with each the hall point, character of story begins to move and can enjoy direction to be able to soak itself in view of the world of story more. In addition, we can have you photograph video developed on screen of smartphone. Special version comes up from Saturday, December 8, too!

[setting place]

Monday, November 12 ~ Chuo-dori entrance solid art central part, store POP Saturday, December 8 ~3 - 5F pillar art, 13F

[AR usage]

Installation of STEP1) "COCOAR2" application Please install "COCOAR2" application than the following URL. It starts and shades with STEP2) "COCOAR2" We start application and can experience AR when we shade ART and scan.

※We cope about iPhone to iPhone5s~X after recommended ios10.0

[downloading of application]