Celebration of Life
in the Astral Sea

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Celebration of Life in the Astral Sea

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Klaus Haapaniemi

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Until from Tuesday, November 5, 2019 to Wednesday, December 25
※It blows through the center and displays only art until Saturday, February 15, 2020


"It is Astral Sea work which "Celebration of Life in the Astral Sea" was described in on the stage of Finnish Artist, space by Mr. Klaus Haapaniemi We arrange the world of (the astral sea) for GINZA SIX and unfold.
It is solemn, magnificent work such as new myth which can think about space and connection of life of we human being that creatures in various imagination to live in space move with each rhythm like the revolution of star in "Astral Sea" and to influence each other and bring about harmony.

Work of Mr. Haapaniemi establishing inspiration from nature in the root of creation can find natural view to be common to everywhere with Japanese. We remind look that overflowed in love turned to thing which sensitivity to feel, respect to nature, straight kitoshi arrange flow and divine nature at eternal time in to whale and swan which Japanese took good care of from ancient times of biodiversity focused on in surge of today's environmental awareness and can learn essential sympathy.

Lightning Whales coming up does not remain in Christmas to blow through the center and plans display until next spring. It is connected in Christmas that there was with space through the sea of stars of imagination with 2020 when people of the world gather in Tokyo close at hand, and, also, it share elation in for holiday season and year to come with people of the world across space-time to create place thought about for connection of various lives in base, Ginza of culture dispatch. "Celebration of Life in the Astral Sea" does thought of such GINZA SIX which wants to breed communication through art in form.

  • ▼It blows through the center

    Master of Hirosaki noneputa produced Lightning Whales which took a trip to space across space-time to appear in "Astral Sea". Tapestry which printed art of Mr. Haapaniemi surrounds colonnade of GINZA SIX and likens to "Astral Sea" which appeared in Ginza suddenly. Art of two Lightning Whales which become about 10m flies in the sky to create circle.
    Display period: Until Saturday, February 15, 2020

  • ▼B2F shopwindow

    With two windows in front of the escalator, we display display with sense of fun that their individuality is felt close by looking into device with movement that made small characters, Astral Sea Turtle and Ice Asteroids Mushrooms and Grasshoppers the leading role.
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    ※Display period was expired.

  • ▼The front entrance

    We liken two places of entrance space facing Ginza Chuo-dori to entrance to "Astral Sea" which is the stage of work and perform installation of graphic about space. Fantastic art object of Astral Swan using light appears in entrance on 4 chome side and invites to starlit sky of imagination.

    ※Display period was expired.

  • ▼Underground passage

    ※Display period was expired.

    ※ We may be changed without notice.

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Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi

Artist Finland Helsinki-born for 1,970 years. Work coming out of aesthetic sense to come from Finnish nature and the traditional beauty has unique style & feel that realism and fantasy fused. We are doing many companies and collaboration rates including "iittala" "S tab Risch & Suns" without remaining in own work creation. We are in charge of clothes of "Finnish national opera", the stage decoration in 2015. Anthology first than "KADOKAWA" published "scenery of Klaus Haapaniemi dream" in 2019.
instagram @klaushaapaniemi_official