Until Thursday, October 31, 2019, sound installation that "NF" where Sakanaction, Ichiro Yamaguchi is promoter produced holds "garden - playing ROOF TOP ORCHESTRA - sound" in GINZA SIX garden (rooftop garden).
As well as music, we take up fashion and art, various fields including technology, and project "NF" suggesting new form except music to affect music deals with sound creation and directs rooftop garden to boast of the Ginza located in about 56m above the ground's greatest area to in space that sound and light and technology mixed. Against a backdrop of night cityscape of Ginza, please enjoy "orchestra which person of composition is not" that visitors become the leading role.

[direction summary]
We set up pillar of light so that small formation orchestra surrounds monument and that of six hexahedrons that imaged "console of orchestra" in basin area and lawn area. Because visitors beat monument like percussion instrument, light links sound; can have an interactive experience. Independent monument beams with 36 kinds of tones in total each and plays music in the whole space to be resonant by plural experients. In addition, once in 30 minutes, we carry out direction in particular. Created sound and light give the whole venue by "NF" so that orchestra tunes before performance all at once.


[held summary]
Period: From Tuesday, August 6, 2019 to Thursday, October 31
※We can enter on GINZA SIX store holiday on Monday, August 26 and may be called off by holding and weather of invitation system event.
Time: Until sunset - 23:00
Place: GINZA SIX roof "GINZA SIX garden"
Admission: Members may use the valet parking service for free of charge.
Sponsorship: GINZA SIX
Sound produce: NF
Space direction, production: Hakuten


We are releasing special movie in the hall


We release official movie with interview of "NF" leading Ichiro Yamaguchi during period for a limited number in description of bottom area in hall.
Please drop in.





Sound creator profile

NF (N F)

Project to suggest new form except music that Sakanaction Ichiro Yamaguchi takes up fashion and art, various fields including technology as well as projection personality, music and affects music.


Ichiro Yamaguchi (NF/sakanaction)

As "Sakanaction," we start activity in 2005, and measure makes its debut in 2007. The posture to catch the "way of musician" itself futuristically always attracts attention. We start NF in 2015, and music and various culture realize various activities to mix by high expression while performing collaboration with creator of various fields and are evaluated.

Setsuya Kurotaki (NF/KiKi) [musician, person of selection of music, sound designer]

We deal with sound design, musical piece production of domestic and foreign fashion shows, sound Blanding of sound produce and commercial facilities of various events, web site and picture work, public space widely. We participate in much LIVE and recording as musician and make a our guest appearance and perform performance in various cities as selection of music family.