Rooftop Star Garden

In GINZA SIX garden (rooftop garden), we hold illuminations "Rooftop Star Garden" until from Tuesday, November 26, 2019 to February 24, 2020 (month, holiday). We direct rooftop garden located in the place "nearest star" in about 56m above the ground, Ginza in space where innumerable stars pour into. Holding of illuminations in GINZA SIX becomes naive and attaches brightness to night cityscape one of the winter charming sights of Ginza if possible. We carry in particular out light and special direction of sound that featured the theme of "Ryusei - meteor -" once in ten minutes in monument of basin area. In GINZA SIX garden where star of the sky shines, please enjoy experience to be possible only here.

[held summary]

Official name: Rooftop Star Garden

Period: From Tuesday, November 26, 2019 to February 24, 2020 (month, holiday)
※It may be called off by holding and weather of invitation system event.

Time: Until sunset - 23:00

Place: GINZA SIX garden (rooftop garden)

Admission: Members may use the valet parking service for free of charge.

Sponsorship: GINZA SIX

[direction summary]

In "basin area" and "forest area" (two) in GINZA SIX garden proud of the Ginza's greatest area (about 4,000 square meters), we carry out direction of light that did "star" in motif. We express microcosm using light of innumerable lasers that direction that depth using LED is felt under the theme of "Ryusei - meteor -" is scattered by putting crystal under the theme of "planetarium - of Forest Planetarium - forest" in two forest areas in basin area.

<basin area>

Theme: "Ryusei - meteor -"

We install pillar of 147 LED becoming monument in basin area that we established in the center of rooftop garden. We express brightness of star reflecting the image of "flowing star" or "blink of star". Once in ten minutes, we perform direction with movement that light wins and color the whole space gorgeously.

<forest area (two)>

Theme: "Planetarium - of Forest Planetarium - forest"

In space where light of laser given off from various places is scattered through crystal in two forest areas that were established to sandwich basin area, and innumerable stars pour into. You can make an excursion in 360-degree microcosm which was given star as far as we look around.

Basin area "Ryusei - meteor -"

Forest area "planetarium - of Forest Planetarium - forest"