GINZA SIX ART CONTAINER "New wait" of the new normal era,
Before art.

Period: From Monday, November 9, 2020 to February 23, 2021 Tuesday (holiday)
Place: Each GINZA SIX floor

Eight creator artists playing an active part in various industries in concept express "new wait" in "ART CONTAINER" of each site in the hall. Original art work is developed in container and snuggles up to place at people, time to flock together at moment when we met at time to wait for encounter and creates new wait. It is another world that stimulates various sensitivity without remaining in sight that spreads in container.

▼About QR cord
We meet and can easily send information of work and the place to partner when we access from QR code written down in caption of each work. From time to wait for partner to experience to make an excursion after encounter and the wait in Ginza. You avoid dense o and it is creative and can enjoy that time.
※QR cord is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.