We subscribe GINZA SIX and go through the procedure

We accept procedure of subscribing only from application


Download the App

Free Membership Fee

At the time of shopping, we are given GINZA SIX point when we show subscriber ID bar code of application

It is basic point 1P because of purchase of 110 yen

  • By shopping of 110 yen (tax-included), we give one point of basic point
  • The points can be used at the rate of 1 point = 1 yen if you have 1,000 points or more.
  • Subscriber ID bar code is displayed by MY PAGE of application

GINZA SIX App has various functions.

Six functions to expand shopping experience in GINZA SIX more

Restaurant reservation
(Coming Soon)
We can reserve restaurant in GINZA SIX from application
(there is ※ application reservation-response restaurant which we are not playing)
Valet Parking
I take car of customer, and person in charge forwards
When you are back, we deliver car to exit
(road parking rate according to ※ reservation system/pay/)
Parking lot sky information distribution
We deliver false affection report of parking lot
We check the parking right or wrong beforehand
GINZA SIX NEWS delivery,
Delivery of event information
Each Shops and event information,
We deliver news that performed curation in original
Navigation in floor map, hall
We start floor map in hall,
We show around the shortest routes from the present location to destination
Store search
We search store more than 240 which GIZNA SIX has
We access detailed information quickly

Of GINZA SIX application