Information for camera "Leica TL2" which does not miss moment from Germany new product

Leica Store GINZA SIX


Watch out!
It’ s really sharp.

It is information for new product from Leica. “Leica TL2” finally comes up in GINZA SIX!
“Leica TL2” where image quality and speed were polished up more by Leica TL where featured intuitive operability.

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You can try at Leica GINZA SIX store.
Please sense new Leica that good-quality quality fused with beautiful design without waste bodily.

The Leica TL2 details are this

◆ Leica TL2 black
◆ Leica TL2 silver

Tax-included price: 270,000 yen
Sale date: August 10, 2017

Leica Store GINZA SIX

Floor: 5F

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2017.08.08 improves