999.9 feelsun – the best comfort for everyone who love sports-

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To cover entire sports scenes for the pro and the daily use.

“999.9 feelsun” sunglasses are designed to realize the true comfort of sunlight in various scenes and situations.

Their striking characters comes from its high specified performance offered in abundant styles. They are designed strong and durable to withstand any severe condition that can be faced in real athletic scenes. 999.9 feelsun sports sunglasses leads everyone to best performance and will let know the comfort of sunlight.

Lens with the utmost optical performance for sports.

All 999.9 feelsun sunglasses are fixed with high grade lens coating perfect for outdoor activities, protecting eyes from UV and glare from sun. Abundant lens colors and lens curve are offered at the best balance that matches its front layout bringing the best optical performance even with lens degree.

Sunglasses /F-11SP col .704 34,560 yen (tax-included)

Sunglasses /F-12SP col .331 30,240 yen (tax-included)

Depending on sports, choose your best 999.9 feelsun sunglasses that are offered in different size and fit.

* Pro golfer ERIMO IKEUCHI F-12SP

All “999.9 feelsun” sunglasses can be offered with prescription. Same visual comfort you get from glasses can be performed with 999.9 feelsun sunglasses with lens degree.  We will recommend the best lens degree according to your situation.

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