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An Ideal Selection Drives the Latest in Cool Ginza

Misha Janette

Ginza Six Editors Vol.21 (Women' s Fashion)

“Is it just me, or is Ginza just really cool these days?”
“Maybe you’re getting old?”
“Maybe I have better taste!”

A real conversation that I had with a fellow creative recently, as we stood in front of GINZA SIX. I was there for a gift, and he was along to have an inspired cocktail over chat. Thankfully, this place has both in spades.

I have been coming here more and more the past few months, and every time I am reminded of how the space and the selection inside is impeccable, with nary anything out of place.  Let me share a few of my favorite stores that you may have not discovered yet.


First up is Y-3 on the 2nd floor. Right now, athleisure may be all the rage, but did you know that Y-3 was the very first brand to meld designer fashion with athletic wear? It is also very much a part of the unisex, or even genderless trend. The sales people inside will be quick to point out that many goods can appeal to men or women.

I remember my own first Y-3 piece; a skirt made of techno-fabric with beautiful satin ribbon edging. It was innovative then, and they are still innovating today! I have since collected many hats, gloves, sneakers, jackets and innerwear that crowd my closet.

The “Y” in Y-3 stands for Yohji Yamamoto, the creative director. While it is common to display the Yohji Yamamoto signature on goods, the newest collection is the first time that both the Y-3 logo and signature are together. A collector’s item!

When shopping, I am very keen on buying things that complement what I already have in my closet. So what a great find it was to see this wrap belt which matched what I already had on?!

My favorite thing about the brand is being able to find things that will make a formal outfit more street ready, or a street-ready outfit more formal. It really straddles between the two worlds in a remarkable way, and represents the “NOW” of fashion.

On the 3rd level of the mall is where you will find Costume National, tucked into a long and narrow geometric space which matches the aesthetic of the brand to a T. The interior is fresh and clean, and I like how it is really bright so I can see every single little detail.

Founded in Italy by the Capasa Brothers, the brand has been THE go-to place to find cool cuts in asymmetrical designs and a minimal but never boring approach to aesthetic. Much like Y-3, it also straddles the world of elegance and street-style with aplomb (I’m starting to see my bias!). Reversible mouton coat ¥465,000+tax

Since the AW 2017 collection, Japanese designers Yasutoshi Ezumi (womenswear) and Koji Udo of Factotum (menswear) were appointed to the brand. It was such a wonderful surprise since Yasutoshi Ezumi is someone I have known and supported for many years! And I see Ezumi’s love for geometrics and beautiful fabrics aren’t abated.

The pieces are so much fun to wear; zippers reveal pieces underneath, and asymmetrical cuts allow you to layer pieces under and on top, like building a sublime skyscraper (the pleated skirts has me thinking of Manhattan skyscrapers). The solid color palettes means they don’t go out of style.

Art is a huge part of the brand, too, and it’s not just in the embroidered studs or abstract grommet pumps: Here in the store were pieces by artist Shinji Ohmaki which are a small part of the huge private collection they own.

Besides the Aoyama complex and a store in Fukuoka, this is a rare treat to see the clothes up close, and the salesperson on that day was really knowledgeable about lifestyle, such as art and wine. It was more than shopping, it was a useful experience!

And finally, one level up is H.P. Theatre, by H.P. France. Many may know this store from the branch Mid Town Tokyo, and is a chic and modern viewpoint from the H.P. France stable.

This is where you come to find the perfect accent to top off an outfit. Be it a bangle, earring, bag or pumps, there is certainly something for every occasion. And I mean every; the range of unique pieces here is certainly unrivaled within all of GINZA SIX!

One can’t mention H.P. Theatre without speaking about Jamin Puech! It’s a French brand where every one of their bags, brooches and other accessories are realized by craftspeople. There is a huge selection in Theatre, and as I was perusing some other shoppers came in to gawk at the pretty pieces. They really are perfect for the vintage-style trend of this era. Bag ¥68,000+tax.

The store is split up into several rooms or areas, as if in a theatre itself. There’s the stage, seats, and a big beautiful costume room (or as I would like to imagine, anyway!)

The interior is impressive; there are even real red velvet seats in the store. I grabbed these red velvet  matching Rupert Sanderson pumps and a glitzy bag, imagining these were box seats at an old-world theatre. These shoes have since made their way to my home and into my closet!

The candles smelled divine… I think I found my gift! I wonder if I can get the serving plates and glass, too? Oh and as for that long-overdue cocktail, I found it at Mixology Salon on the 13th floor, which serves up the most unique, magical tea+alcohol elixirs in a glass. Cheers!

Text:Misha Janette Photos:Fabian Parkes Edit:Yuka Okada


Misha Janette

To study fashion in Institute of culture clothes, in 2004 to Tokyo. We run up stairs as stylist with fashion journalist and come to attract attention as blogger in "TokyoFashionDiaries .com" before long from all over the world. We play an active part now as infuruensa. We run own digital creative consulting company.
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