【Only for 1 month】 Shiroi Koibito is coming at pop up store in Ginza Six for the first time!

The Popup B2F

The Pop Up

ISHIYA was established in 1947 in Hokkaido and has created products that introduce the charms of Hokkaido.

To commemorate the 1st opening anniversary of “GINZA SIX” where our first directly managed shop outside of Hokkaido “ISHIYA GINZA” is, we will sell our products for a limited time.
Hokkaido exclusive product “Shiroi Koibito” will make its first appearance in Tokyo. Besides that, we will bring the next best seller “MIFUYU”,mille-feuille confectionery, baumkuchen series “TSUMUGI” and “Shiroi Koibito soft-serve ice cream” which uses Hokkaido milk and the white chocolate used in Shiroi Koibito.

■Shiroi Koibito 12pieces/761yen(tax included.)
A product that represents ISHIYA and has been loved for over 40 years

■Namara Butter Baum/1,296yen(tax included.)
A baumkuchen using “ISHIYA original choicest Yotsuba butter”
The flavor of butter fills your mouth and you can get the taste of Hokkaido.

■Shiroi Koibito soft-serve ice cream/308yen(tax included.)
White, Black, Swirl (White&Black) 3kinds in total
The combination of Hokkaido milk and the white chocolate used in Shiroi Koibito creates a refreshing taste.

Enjoy the taste of Hokkaido.

The Popup B2F

Floor: B2F

Period: 2018.06.05- 2018.07.01

It was finished

Store Information

2018.05.15 improves