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999.9 feelsun Sports collection are designed to fit many different sports scenes, including those daily sports and those professional sports.

There are professional sports sunglasses specialized for pro-sports and more casual sports sunglasses for daily activities. 999.9 feelsun supports your sports scenes under sunlight with all the function and variation we offer.

Sunglasses/ (up) F-05SP col.73 / (below) F-06SP col.00 both ¥35,640 (including tax)

F-05SP series bases its style to fit common lifestyle and casual activity with its function and design. Enjoy the sophisticated silhouette that combines different material according to parts. Two front designs matches your style, F-05SP in classic round shape and F-06SP in classic square.

Sunglasses/ (up) F-13SP col.701/ (below) F-12SP (50) ¥30,240 (including tax)

F-12SP series supports your professional sports occasion. They are designed especially compact for extra fit, recommended to small faces and lady athletes. Fundamental elements to give the best performance to sunglasses are fulfilled with its lightness, fit and durability. Four Nines manages to control the balance of function, design and price.

EYEWEAR CLEANER ¥2,484 (including tax)

EYEWEAR CLEANER will support you and your glasses for daily care to keep your glasses in good condition.  You can use them to clean the frame not only to clean the lens. The original bottle decorated with minimalistic illustration will help decorate your room as a room interior.

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