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A Luxurious Refinement of the Body in a Beauty Theme Park for Grown-Ups

Nobuko Irie


It’s hot. It’s too hot! Day after day of exposure to heat, air conditioning, and UV rays takes its toll on one’s body. The damage to my skin is obvious, and I’m at an age now where the corrosion has begun to reach into the interior. This weather does nothing but harm to me, but despite thoughts that I should take proper care of my body, the heat makes me do the opposite…

At times like this, I act decisively and seek maintenance from the hands of a pro. That’s why I’ve come to GINZA SIX. Amid this luxurious atmosphere, my plan is to achieve instant restoration for my body.

Choosing to start with foot care, I head to uka, a total beauty salon. Perhaps due to the daily exposure to UV, both my heels and nails are dried out. For someone working in the beauty industry, these are grave circumstances, indeed!

I enter the salon. As I look about, these bottles of nail polish, in six shades of red, catch my eye. I love the beauty of the gradation. There’s a pure red, an orangy red, and a Bordeaux deep red… Are there really this many tones of red? With six colors, I’m bound to like one. One is bound to suit me.

The name of this nail series is uka red study 1 (2,200 yen for one of each of the six colors; all prices listed before tax). This stylish name comes from a desire to get women to learn more about red, the most fundamental nail polish color, the color of which every woman wants a bottle. I consider how I feel today, and I’m overcome with the solemnity of picking the right shade.

In the end, I stick with convention and choose 1/1. This is a clear and pure shade for an elegant red queen. At the back of the salon is a spacious nail area I hadn’t spotted from the entrance when I arrived, where staff provide foot care and pedicures. (The standard foot-care session lasts 60 minutes and costs 7,000 yen; a manicure and coloring is 1,000 yen.) My feet become increasingly translucent as they undergo skin care, nail care, and, finally, a manicure.

And I’m done! The red nails look lovely against my beige sandals. This time I got just my nails painted. Of course—just my personal opinion!—if you have your fingernails done, too, your femininity ascends to still loftier heights. I believe painting your nails red by yourself is quite the challenge, but when I actually try doing it at home later, I’m surprised how easy it is. I find myself thinking I’d like to try some other colors, too.

My next stop is Panpuri, a Thai brand known for natural cosmetics made from carefully selected botanical ingredients. Today I’m getting a treatment session in the Panpuri Oasis salon space.

The course I choose is based on my determination to address the fatigue that comes from writing articles every day. It’s a popular choice, called the Indochine Energizing Massage (90 minutes, 17,000 yen). I first select the oil for my massage. Three kinds are offered. I choose Indochine, a blend of lemon grass, mandarin, and bergamot. Just a sniff of the refreshing scent immediately takes me from exhaustion to reinvigoration mode.

And now the treatment begins. The massage strikes a nice balance between promoting circulation and promoting relaxation. Pressure is applied to every important acupuncture point, something my tired body finds deeply satisfying. And because this is a Thai brand, we also get Thai-style muscle kneading and stretching, which is great! The therapist straddles my back and applies her weight as she pushes down vigorously. She also stretches my chest and back. The tension gradually lifts from my body. My entire body is massaged with oil, and the session ends with a head massage. My lackluster body awakens. I’m restored to the ranks of the living!

I like the scent of the oil used in the treatment, so I buy some to take home. I feel confident it will leave me feeling I’m at a spa even when I’m home (from left: Indochine STH Hand & Nail Cream 75 ml, 3,600 yen and Indochine STH Massage and Body Oil 200 ml, 5,800 yen).

With my body and feet in tiptop shape now, I decide to top everything off with some fragrance. The store I visit—dyptyque—is a Parisian brand known for its modern and artistic scents.

Filled with excitement as I stand before all the fragrances, I also find myself unable to choose—a state of affairs quickly resolved under the kindly guidance of a staff member.

And this time, he teaches me a somewhat grownup way of applying perfume: to apply them in layers. But isn’t applying two scents somewhat tricky? According to assistant manager Tomoaki Abe, “Layering lets you enjoy a deeper scent. Pairing a scent with depth, like a woody fragrance and a subtle floral scent, is easy, something even beginners will want to try.”

Eventually I decide I have two favorites. One is Eau des Sens, a fragrance composed of orange flowers and juniper berries, redolent of a grownup freshness. The other is Fleur de Peau, a fragrance that revolves around iris and musk. A sniff of this immediately inspires the thought, “This is sexy!” And combining the two…if mystery had a scent, it would be this. The effect is to cast a spell of sweetness and spice around the scent of the Eau de Sens. With these two fragrances, I’m looking forward to exploring lots of possibilities. In summer, for example, I’ll probably wear Eau de Sens by itself. When fall arrives, I may add Fleur de Peau or I can change the scent by adding a layer as day transitions into evening. I’m overcome by the sudden clear sense of the joys and delight that await as I explore the possibility of these fragrances (from left: Eau de Sens eau de toilette 100 ml, 16,000 yen; Fleur de Peau eau de parfum 75 ml 19,000 yen).

There’s also a space filled with exclusive products available only at the boutique. The Le Bazar Du 34 series features nuanced fragrances that inspire giddy feelings. The bottles are beautiful. I’m filled with delight at the thought of collecting them all (from left: Kimonan eau de parfum, Eau Mage eau de parfum, Opone eau de parfum – all 100 ml, 24,000 yen each).

GINZA SIX is a true beauty theme park for grownups, right in the heart of Ginza, offering every device and measure needed to achieve a beautiful body, from your nails to your body and your fragrance. The joy of spending such a luxurious hour makes me glad to be a grownup.

Text: Nobuko Irie Photos: Azusa Hasegawa Edit: Yuka Okada


Nobuko Irie

A beauty editor. She went independent after stints working for a manufacturing company and a publisher. She organizes and writes beauty articles for magazines like VOGUE, VOCE, Marisol, and et Rouge. She also writes advertising copy. Based on an awareness of the reality of aging, she strives to create articles based on her own experience that will resonate with readers.


2018.08.10 UP