[Leica M10-D] Digital Body. Analog Soul.

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It is information for new product from Leica.

It releases model “Leica M10-D” letting you feel experience only by analog shooting in the digital world.

It is modern shooting machine part overflowing by many functions, but “Leica M10-D” strongly focuses on philosophy of shooting and function, both essence.

We lose LCD monitor of the camera back, and new M type digital camera “Leica M10-D” reminding of M type film camera comprises convenient operation system while minimum, squeezing element and grants hope of many photographers to want to concentrate on only photography small so that it may be said that shutter sound is approximately long silence.

We put storing-type Sam rest on the upper camera and not only we let you feel flavor of film camera, but also improve operability.
It is Leica M10-D with analogous charm, but sex No-mask never becomes analog specifications. As it is equipped with Wi-Fi function, using “Leica FOTOS” application, smartphone changes quickly to monitor.

In application, we confirm exposure immediately and can inflect to coordinate setting of camera.
We confirm live view image with others, smartphone which can choose file format (DNG form /JPG form) and white balance of image among application, and there are functions such as remote modes which can operate shutter releaser.

Do you not photograph in “Leica M10-D” to feel sense that we got used to?

It is going to release in November, 2018.
Please contact Leica GINZA SIX for reservation.
*Reference: 03-6263-9935

◆ Leica M10-D: 1,080,000 yen (tax-included)

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