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A Luxury Space Intriguing to Visit Again and Again

Detz Matsuda


When you visit Ginza, you feel a certain tension.
It’s been almost 40 years since I first came to Tokyo. There aren’t too many districts that make you feel tense. I’m exaggerating, but it’s how it feels to walk around a foreign city. This sense, of course, has gradually diminished as I’ve gotten older, but I still felt some of those nerves when I visited GINZA SIX.
Actually, my dentist is in Ginza, so I pass close to GINZA SIX once every few months. I hadn’t gone inside, though, since its opening reception. Gazing at the large atrium, I head first to adidas Originals Shop on the fifth floor.

Sneakers are my typical daily footwear. I wear adidas especially often. My favorite are Campus and Stan Smiths, both adidas standards, for at least half the month. I also run two or three times a week and love wearing UltraBOOST and other adidas running shoes. So people no doubt see me as totally in the adidas camp.
Inside, I check out the Campus first. It debuted in the 1970s and won popularity in the 1980s due to the Beastie Boys. It’s still popular and continues to be made. The look is simple, but the presence is outstanding. It’s a standard among standards.

There’s a new model that catches my eye, the SOLAR HU NMD by Pharrell Williams (28,000 yen; all prices listed before tax). With colors that would stand out on the street and Pharrell’s signature on the heel, the calculated design is beautiful. When I ask the store staff, they tell me a running shoe version of the design is being released the next day. In either case, it’d be best to get a pair soon.

I also recommend the NMD KRK GTX Jacket (45,000 yen), a packable Gore-Tex jacket. I’m the editor-in-chief of OUTSTANDING M, a magazine oriented toward the sports and the outdoors. For me, this is a great, can’t-miss item.
Given that Gore-Tex is a highly functional fabric, breathable and waterproof, the price isn’t that high. I have them show me how it packs away. It really is simple. The jacket is lightweight; you could hide it in your bag for the rainy season or at outdoor festivals.

I next go to N.HOOLYWOOD on the same floor. The counter in the middle of the store is positioned to make it easy for customers to communicate with the shop’s staff. Designed by Daisuke Obana, the clothing has a beautiful silhouette. It’s one of my favorite brands.

The theme for this season is reconstructed workwear. The wares on display include numerous tops with wide widths and pants with large thighs. There’s also a lineup of models designed in collaboration with Lee, the denim brand.

This no-button cardigan (14,000 yen) I’ve tried on is one of the brand’s standards. It’d be convenient to throw on when going somewhere close by, like the grocery store or a convenience store.

For the past several seasons, N.HOOLYWOOD has released products in collaboration with the outdoor brand MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR. These also feature a loose and very relaxed silhouette. I especially like the tote bags (13,000 yen) in this series, which feature a pocket in the bottom for your shoes, making it a great choice when going to the gym or bringing your running shoes on an overnight trip.

Lastly, I go to Grill & Pub The NICK STOCK on the sixth floor, a casual-style restaurant you can enjoy by yourself, or with your friends. If you like beer and meat in particular, it’s irresistible.

The beer is carefully selected from breweries around the world. The dry-aged steak is Chicago Aurora Beef—just those two will leave you sated. For beer, I had Shirohonoka (1,200 yen per pint), an unfiltered beer with live yeast. It has fruity notes and a flavor that’s more than enjoyable.

For food, I have a beef filet steak (200 g, 3,400 yen) and a fresh mushroom and granola salad (880 yen). You can have the steak with horseradish and the restaurant’s original barbecue sauce or simply with salt. To enjoy the pure flavor of the meat itself, you have to go with the salt.
I wondered a bit about granola on a salad, but it proves a perfect match for the steak. The sweet granola goes well with the salad dressing; I felt like I’d encountered a completely novel texture. Delicious.

Incidentally, as a Ginza Six Editor, I was supposed to wander around a bit more, but since I had things scheduled before and after, I wasn’t able to see enough to be satisfied. “I haven’t wandered!” I thought. So, three days later, I’m back at GINZA SIX.

Today, I go to Ginza Tsutaya Books and the other stores I didn’t get a chance to see the day I did my initial research, then head down to the second belowground floor. I’d been lectured by Ms. O, the editor in charge of this Ginza Six Editors series, and wandering the second belowground floor is indeed fun. It’s the food floor and has lots of first-in-Tokyo establishments and other unique and interesting places, such as Imadeya Ginza, Heisuiken, or CAFÉ EXPERTO—definitely worth a look.
Lastly, I meet a friend at Wine Shop Enoteca. As I enjoy a one-coin glass of red wine, it occurred to me that I’d never had so much fun at a commercial complex like this. This was really the first time. Even if it’s just me.
The door to Ginza has swung open a bit wider for me, I think. I can really see myself coming to GINZA SIX quite often in the future.

Text:Dstz Matsuda Photos:Yuichi Sugita Edit:Yuka Okada


Detz Matsuda

Editor, writer, and creative director. Born in 1961 in Ise, Mie Prefecture. Started his career in editing in the mid-1980s. Edited and wrote for various magazines centering on Hot Dog Press. Alongside editing work, debuted as a writer for television and FM radio. Wrote and worked as the brain for “BUM TV” on Space Shower TV and “Cult Q” on Fuji Television. Also appeared as a regular on Fuji Television’s “Tahoiya.” Edited the magazine asAyan and worked as creative director for Kodansha’s HUGE in the 1990s and 2000s. Since 2011, has edited and published the fashion magazine OUTSTANDING.


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