Introducing Premium Outerwear Brand from CANADA- Moose Knuckles

The Popup 3rd

The Pop Up

“Moose knuckles” was founded in 2009 with the belief that it delivers the most luxury and tough sportswear to the world.
Origin of the brand name comes from two combinations which best for Canada, ”Moose” and ”hockey fight”.

“Stirling Parker” and “Ballistic Bomber Jacket” embellished with fur, which pour all know-how, climate, tradition unique of Canada into its textiles, stitching, zippers, etc.
Those two get popularity quickly among people who lives in a cold area, and it is handled in luxury department store and specialty shop all over the world.

The Popup 3rd

Floor: 3F

Period: 2018.10.24- 2018.11.20

It was finished

Store Information

2018.10.23 improves