Demonstration and tasting

The Popup 4th

The Pop Up

In Tusbamesanjo, we create products with inherited “technology”, “craftsmanship” and “sense”.
The product born in Tusbamesanjo is born as much attachment as you use it, making your life smile more.
We introduce kitchen tools, sake cups, beauty care products mainly.

We perform “demonstration” and “tasting” at stores.

“Metal polishing” December 29, 30
“Knife sharpening and insert name” January 5, 6
“Japanese MAKIE” January 12
“Copperware” January 13

You use the sake cup made with Tsubamesanjo.
January 2, 3, 4
It ends as soon as it is gone.

The Popup 4th

Floor: 4F

Period: 2018.12.26- 2019.01.15

It was finished

Store Information

2018.12.25 improves