Miller Harris Pop up Store mini-bouquet present campaign

The Popup 4th


Born in 2000 in London, Miller Harris has a reputation for its gentle scents that uses natural flavors with a botanical concept.
A modern fragrance brand that adds artistic taste to London’s Urban Story taste.

【mini-bouquet present campaign】

Worked on the production of flowers at the Miller Harris Pop-up store, which is a contemporary production of green and colorful flowers, with the theme of “botanical” as the essence of the brand.
We will be holding a native flower mini-bouquet present campaign by florist Rika Ishii.

This campaign is for customers who purchase Miller Harris products over 10,000 yen (excluding tax).

The Popup 4th

Floor: 4F

Period: 2019.08.11

It was finished


2019.08.08 improves