The Popup 4th

The Pop Up

<Made in Hawaii sandals>
<Island slippers> produced on the island of Oahu, Hawaii since its establishment in 1946.
ISLAND SLIPPER was founded with the desire to root Japanese Zori culture by Takizo Honaga, a Japanese who immigrated to Hawaii.
From the beginning to the present day, all products are carefully made to “made in Hawaii” and each one is handmade by a skilled craftsman.
For a limited time, the “Island Slippers” pop-up will be held with such love and handmade warmth.
7/11. 12 .18. 19, we will decorate sandals with studs on the spot and hold an event that can be customized.
We are waiting for our customers with a wide variety of products that we cannot usually see.
Please come to this store by all means.

The Popup 4th

Floor: 4F

Period: 2020.06.24 - 2020.08.25

Store Information

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