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NEW COLLECTION 2020 is now released.
“Glasses should be fine tools”.
This has always been Four Nines unwavering concept.
It explains our effort to understand the true essence of spectacles and our effort to always pursue for the improvement of functionality and quality.
This unwavering effort to achieve at the highest quality has been and will continuously be the cornerstone of Four Nines which guides us further. Enjoy and try out our latest collection with total 121 items, 23 models and 8 series, that reaches to everyone wearing glasses.

Frame /M-161 ¥38,000 (excluding tax)
“M-16” is a revival model of mixed classic collection first launched in 2013. M-16 series now come with additional color variations and two more designs M-161 and M-162. It is a series that complement any style or occasion with its classy inspired style.

Frame/AP-25 ¥24,000 (excluding tax)
“AP-25 series” is an Advanced Plastic frame (AP) series that attains simple construction at Four Nines quality. The plastic material gives a subtle impression while the metal deco enhances this basic style with high quality elements. It comes in four squarish style that conveys a prolonged comfort characterized by the original AP construction and adjustable nose pad.

Frame/ S-675T ¥24,000(excluding tax)
“S-675T series” is a continuation model of S-670T series that inherits Four Nines’ representative metal brow design. Prolong comfort is achieved by applying a range of thickness and curves to the temples that withstands and prevent reverse warping. It is a model characterized with a seamless silhouette perfectly blended with a magnificent comfort.

*New collection will be released sequentially.
Please check with the staff for updated information.

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