Viennoiserie JEAN FRANÇOIS
Viennoiserie Jean Francois

M.We inherit technique and mind of Mr. Jean furansowarumerushie of O.F. (the French national best craftsman chapter) chef and always provide egg and butter, milk, generic name "viennoiserie" of sweet roll using sugar 30 kinds. Please thoroughly enjoy discerning viennoiserie which reproduced texture, Danish of mellow flavor, cream with high density, flavor " of "France including brioche which did softly crunchily in Japan of croissant.

Inheriting the techniques and spirit of the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) award-winning chef Jean-François Lemercier, this bakery produces some thirty varieties of viennoiserie pastry from a combination of eggs, butter, milk, and sugar. Here’s a chance to fully enjoy specialty viennoiserie pastry of France recreated in Japan, from the crunchy texture of croissants to the generous aroma of a Danish, rich cream, and fluffy brioche.

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