Warehouseman of refined sake Hakkaisan conveys rich meal and culture of Uonuma under the theme of "rice, ricemalt, fermentation". Of Hakkaisan in order to prepare all lineups, and to almost suggest new possibility and charm; limited product is sale, too.

Of Hakkaisan all lineups and new possibility and surprise, new product with discovery almost unfold. In addition, we make rich charm of meal even with liquor under the theme of "rice, ricemalt, fermentation" and suggest new possibility and charm.

The Hakkaisan Sake Brewery conveys the rich cuisine and culture of Uonuma based on the theme of “rice, rice malt, and fermentation.” We stock almost the entire Hakkaisan lineup. We also offer a number of limited products that suggest new possibilities and attractive flavors.

In conjunction with a nearly full Hakkaisan lineup, we also launch new products that offer new possibilities, surprises, and discoveries. Orchestrating the rich charms of food and alcohol based on the theme of “rice, rice malt, and fermentation,” our goal is to suggest new possibilities and new flavor sensations.

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