We made products which conveyed charm of Hokkaido including Shiroikoibito as cake manufacturer born in Hokkaido. We introduce new product to "langue de chat" to be able to purchase as new challenge only in Ginza by limitation.
We keep technique of langue de chat production cultivated in Hokkaido under the theme of "shop where Hokkaido is felt while being in Ginza" alive and develop Ginza notemiyagenifusawashii product. "Saqu" which was particular about the products of Hokkaido subject matter series prepared six kinds of taste.

As a confectionary manufacturer from Hokkaido, Ishiya creates products that communicate Hokkaido's charms, including the popular Shiroi Koibito (“White Lover”). Taking on a new challenge, Ishiya has unveiled various new products, including langue de chat (cat tongue cookies) available only at the Ginza location.
To develop a store capable of evoking a sense of Hokkaido despite the location in Ginza, Ishiya Ginza applied the langue de chat production technologies developed in Hokkaido to create products that would make ideal souvenirs of Ginza. Focusing on ingredients produced in Hokkaido, the Saqu series offers six different flavors.

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