Karinto is cake which has been got close to to Japanese for a long time. History includes various opinions, but we turn figure while thing transmitted from the Western (there is theory called Tang) spreads out in the whole country, and it is thought that we reach in the present age. In other words, we think that karinto source can be called "traditional semi-Western style cake".

Semi-Western style culture features unique mysterious beauty that is unique in the world that let you splash tradition and technique of this country and Western culture and design on each other. We express "beautiful traditional compromise between Japanese and European styles" while protecting tradition and technique that we cultivated by yushima Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright for founding 70 years in GINZA KYOUKASUIGETSU and will send to. Let alone taste of karinto, we are happy if you can thoroughly enjoy from there to view of the world that we have to spread.

Karintou, or fried dough cake, is a familiar Japanese sweet. While history offers various theories, it’s generally believed to have been introduced by foreigners from Spain or Portugal (or from China of the Tang Dynasty, according to some reports). From that point, as it spread throughout Japan, it slowly evolved into its current form. In sum, the origin of fried dough cake can be described as a traditional sweet that blends Western and Japanese styles.
The fusion of Japanese and Western cultures has catalyzed the evolution of Japanese traditions and technologies as well as Western culture and design, creating a mysterious beauty without rival anywhere in the world. At Ginza Kyoka Suigetsu, we seek to preserve traditions and techniques acquired at Yushima Kagetsu over 70 years while delivering a unique and memorable blend of Japanese and Western styles. Our hope is that customers will not just enjoy the flavor of the fried dough cakes, but savor the worldview we embrace.

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