meat&green shunjyukusei

Store specializing in fermentation aging meat is the world's first new business condition that let salad and pro-evolution sandwich "hodan sand" make collaboration of NY-style. We provide salad and sandwich which fully used fermentation aging meat luxuriously. We can taste beauty and health and delicious shiio.

New brand which seasonal aging dealt with! Salad + pro-evolution sandwich + aging meat canned foods of NY-style! We pursue the beauty and health thoroughly. Delicious shiio feeling becomes beautiful with organic vegetables X fermentation meat X enzyme dressing from the inside of body. Ultimate balanced diet.

As a world-first endeavor in this new category, Meat & Green Shunjukusei is a fermented and aged meat specialty store that combines New York-style salads with innovative, decoratively-cut sandwiches. This location offers salads and sandwiches containing generous helpings of fermented and aged meats. Enjoy the combination of beauty, health, and great flavor.

This new brand debuted by Shunjukusei offers New York-style salads, innovative sandwiches, and canned aged meats. Ultimately, the delicacies on offer represent our dedicated pursuit of beauty and health. With organic vegetables, fermented meats, and enzyme-activated dressings, the delicious flavors promote health and beauty from within. Here you can try the ultimate components of a balanced diet.

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