We valued heart of hospitality since its formation for 130 remainders year and always built tradition by continuation of challenge. Pot meal of mountain pass which is our drawing card product is created in that and we eat and drink and give various service. We protect the reliable same taste by the cause, security of thorough hygiene management and work on improvement in value of Japanese food culture.

We make full use of tradition and the skill of artisan that cultivated Ginza that continues producing new value in place of our new challenge and positioning, history in 130 remainders year and always provide product which there is not of compromise in the highest quality.

Oginoya was founded in 1885, having 130 years of history, we cherish the Japanese hospitality mind, “Omotenashi” and have always built a tradition through continuous challenges. Meanwhile, our signature product was born, called “Toge no Kamameshi” and we also run various kinds of food service. Under thorough hygiene control, we will keep safe and unchanging taste and improve the value of Japanese food culture.

Ginza, the place keeps constantly creating new value, we chose our next challenging spot, we will offer products of the highest quality through the knowledge of our tradition and expertise cultivated in the 130-year history.

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