HAKEJYOYU NORIBEN YAMANOBORI Hakejoyunoribenyamanobori

Because I'm worried about laver. It seems that everyone likes laver.
We meet the best ingredients and make "Nori dialect" the leading role in the lunch box world.
"Cold but warm", the warmth and feelings of the forgotten creator.
I want to be such a thing as "Noriben Mountain Climbing", which recalls the ancient Japanese lunch box culture. Aiming at "the highest grade of mother's cooking", we will cook and deliver each one carefully at the store.
In addition to three types of laver valves where you can enjoy "seafood", "mountain food" and "field food", we will also provide "seasonal laver valves" using seasonal ingredients.

There’s something special about our nori (seaweed) bento box lunches that make them a hit with just about everyone.
Containing the finest ingredients we can find, our nori bento boxes play a central role in the bento world.
Chilled, yet warm: in a nutshell, this represents the warmth and spirit of bento’s forgotten creators.
Recalling Japan’s age-old bento culture, Noriben Yamanobori hopes to recreate such a presence. Seeking to provide “the best that your mother made,” our staff prepare meals with painstaking care at the store and deliver them direct to our customers.
In addition to three varieties of nori bento that allow diners to savor the bounty of the sea, the mountains, or the fields, we plan to offer nori bento boxes based on seasonal ingredients.

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