KIEHL'S is founded as Apothecary (dispensing pharmacy) with New York now more than 160 years ago, and it continues providing science, skin care that combined nature origin ingredient based on knowledge of herb, body care, hair care to customer.

In KIEHL'S called "Try Before You Buy" have an idea, and can have try from sample before purchasing product. Come over to store casually, and please try KIEHL'S product even from sample.

Kiehl's has been established as an apothecary in New York more than 160 years ago, and continues to provide customers with skin care, body care and hair care products, based on knowledge of science and herbs, blended with natural ingredients.

In Kiehl's, there is the idea of "Try Before You Buy", you can try it from the sample before purchasing the products. Please feel free to come to the shop and try the Kiehl's products from the sample as well.

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