Since 1985, Vermon has made use of the wonderful natural resources and advanced technologies of Switzerland to develop skin care that harmonizes sophisticated technology with the effects of aging care. We will deliver a comprehensive skin care line that fulfills eternal beauty, suitable for being called "time magician".

La Maison VALMONT is the three pillars of the Valmon Group, the prestige skin care "Valmon", the "Reliquil Degrassier" that expresses the superficial luxury, and the fragrance "Strience Venice BY VALMONT", as well as the fourth pillar of art.

Since more than 30 years, Valmont has been drawing from the extraordinary Swiss natural resources of its native land and the latest advances in cosmetics to design beauty care offering a subtle blend of finesse and anti-aging effectiveness. The true "Magicien du Temps", Valmont offers a comprehensive range of luxury products and treatments for lastingly beautiful skin.

In La Maison VALMONT, the three pillars of Valmont Group – Valmont, Elixir des Glaciers and Il Profvmo brands – come together in these bright and elegant surroundings, while its fourth pillar, Art, takes center stage.

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