clé de peau BEAUTÉ clé de peau BEAUTÉ

Cle de Peau Bothe blends with the highest skin science and sense of beauty of Japan, French modern Elegance and is skin care makeup brand which was born. Both each person's skin and expression brighten existence itself.

As new space that can sense products and view of the world bodily, we meet in artwork "brilliant cell" of light by collaboration with architect, Takeshi Tane. By the best hospitality, we suggest the best brightness.

clé de peau BEAUTÉ is a perfect harmony of cutting-edge skin science, the Japanese sense of beauty, and modern French elegance. Our products bring radiance to the skin and spirit of every woman.

Our Brilliant Cell, a work of illuminating artistry in collaboration with renowned architect Tsuyoshi Tane, is the gate to the indulgent experience of luxury. A new realm of radiance begins here.

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