ginzapiku a buaveda

PEEK-A-BOO hair salon arrests mind of wide customer by reliable technique and trust that there is not of fading now now since its formation for 40 years and continues absorbing new style, technique, times and it is healthy and suggests good-quality hair design.

Shampoo space adds Shops which we experience product with reclining seat becoming fully flat casually relaxedly and can purchase. Please surrender to comfort of "GINZA PEEK-A-BOO AVEDA" through Gokan.

It’s been four decades now since the emergence of the first PEEK-A-BOO salon. Today, the brand continues to deploy its innovative yet reliable technologies to grasp what lies at the hearts of many different customers; to adapt to new styles, techniques, and trends; and to propose healthy, high-quality hair designs.

A shampoo space that offers relaxation seats that lie fully flat is integrated with the shop, allowing customers to try out and purchase our products in a relaxed and casual setting. Surrender all your senses to the comfort of GINZA PEEK-A-BOO AVEDA.

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