uka uka

Concept of salon "shop in the world with many nice things." We suggest product for home care of "woman (man) who is busy, and is lazy, and is greedy" to become more fun through total beauty.

"I six years later like." concept of GINZA SIX shop Accumulation of daily slight care makes you six years later. Person in charge of rather famous maid that you like yourself as for us and need. We greet customer at 6, Ginza with six promises.

uka's concept is 'The salon where you encouter the most happy occasions in the world'. Through total beauty, we propose products that make the home care of "men and women who are busy, lazy and demanding" more pleasant.

The concept is “Love myself in 6 years.” Imagine yourself in the next 6 years—your daily care has shown its results. Our aim is to become your humble supporter and help you become the person you love even more. We welcome you to Ginza 6th Avenue with our 6 promises.

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