Starbucks coffee

  • Price range ... 1,000 yen

Vest 3 which wants you to eat only this


It is "Starbucks latte" Tall\380 with form milk which fully pours milk into espresso, and is smooth

The most popular espresso beverage. Pour steam milk into rich espresso, is topping with form milk carefully. One cup that becomes warm as for the feeling to taste that is Milky. There is decaf (caffeine reply), too.


Cream base Frappuccino Tall\490 which blended Matcha Powder

Matcha which is drunk in various forms all over the world. [Starbucks] Then Frappuccino ® which is refreshing which it increases milk and sweetness and blended in ice is popular. We can request short size, too.


Take the ease by coffee press in favorite coffee beans; is already "coffee press" HOT/ICED\430

Because coffee beans to like can choose depending on feeling of the day, from all coffee beans to handle at store, enjoy time that is comfort. We can order even ice. Price may vary according to kinds of coffee beans.