discord Yohji Yamamoto
D cord Yohji Yamamoto

discord means "dissonance" and symbolizes philosophy - incompletion of Yoji Yamamoto and asymmetric aesthetics. Yoji Yamamoto pulling the world mode scene by innovative design suggests new sense of values of luxury accessories.

Flagship Shops which keeps first "discord Yohji Yamamoto" full collection in the world. Mainly on back scarf which is high quality, we plan special item unfolding only at this store.

discord” represents philosophy of Yohji Yamamoto - aesthetics of imperfection and asymmetry. Yohji Yamamoto, the designer who leads the fashion world with avant-garde design, proposes a new value of luxury accessory.

The world’s first flagship store of "discord Yohji Yamamoto" where all the items of the brand are gathered. We mainly present bags and scarves of high-quality. Exclusive items for the flagship store will be released.

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